Research of the pregnant teenagers about their education Method

Research Proposal


pregnancy in teenagers can affect the progression in education and why has
teenage pregnancy decreased.

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Teenage pregnancy is defined as a teenager or underage girl becoming
pregnant. The term implies that the girl has not reached the legal age before
conceiving. Though the teenage girl may be pregnant because of various
situation or reasons all teenage pregnancies are a result of sexual activities
either voluntary or not. One of the effects of teenage pregnancy is the
difficulty for the girl to continue with her education. Drop-out rates, poor
grades and the inability to gain good qualifications are the educational
consequences of teenage pregnancy.


This paper proposes to understand how teenage pregnancy affects academic
progression and the reasons behind the decrease in teenage pregnancy.  As a student, pregnant teenagers are expected
to meet a minimum rate of academic progress. Academic progress implies achieving
half or more of the grades for the subjects that they are enrolled in over the
duration of the course. Progression status is based on course status, multiple
fails and assessment guide.



Research Questions


The key questions that will be reviewing in this study is – how teenage
pregnancy affects the academic development? And why has teenage pregnancy



Example Questions


1)  Do you feel that being
pregnant has affected your education and why?


2) Since become pregnant do you feel that your desire to complete your
education has increased?


3) How many hours of study per day are you able to do?

o   0 hours

o   0-1 hour

o   1-2 hours

o   2-3 hours


4) How does being pregnant affect your academic performance?


5) Have your grades increased or decreased since becoming pregnant?



Research Aim and Objectives


The main aim of this study is to evaluate how teenage pregnancy affects
the academic progression of the teenagers. As well as this the following
research questions will be addressed:


· Determine the changes in academic performance, achievement and
progressions of the teenagers when becoming pregnant


· Determine the perceptions, attitudes and beliefs of the pregnant
teenagers about their education





I would tend to think that pregnant teenagers lose the drive to continue
and finish their education but this may not be the case. This study will use
the principal ways of conducting exploratory research, which include:
literature search; consulting the experts about the subject and conducting a survey.


My research will operate within the cross-sectional design, as I will be
collecting data on more than one case, using structured questionnaires and
documents. The benefit of this would be that Ì would be able to focus on the
breadth and depth of the research. Moreover, by exploring the breadth of the
topic, I am increasing my validity and the truthfulness of my research, and
thereby minimize the confounding variables.


Data gathered using these instruments will be collated for analysis.
Data analysis will primarily be characterized by statistical approach. The
following statistical formula will be used in the quantitative analysis.


The primary sampling technique to be used will be quantitate research.
The researcher will survey pregnant teenagers aged 14-19 and they must be
attending school regularly during their first six months of pregnancy. The
surveys for the teenagers will be included with in the pregnancy packs that are
given out during their first antenatal. The number of surveys to be handed out
would average on being 100. Another survey will be handed to the school to
identify the students’ attendance and progression during their pregnancy.