Wise in biblical knowledge Essay

This school of thought states that God has but one plan for a person’s life, one street that must be taken, not multiple avenues (Horton, 2009, p. 8). This approach is concerned with uncovering the perfect, precise plan that God has for a person’s life (Horton, 2009, p. 8). Just as a bull eye is used in the game of darts as the perfect target, one’s life is the dart that must navigate to hit the target. While anywhere else on the board one may score and the closer to the bull’s eye, the more points one will get, he will not EPA maximum reward and reap maximum benefit unless he hits the bull’s eye.

So the bull’s eye is the target, the pinnacle of perfection that a person’s life’s work must hit. Wisdom Approach – This school of thought states Christians should read their bibles, know what their God-given abilities are, and seek the advice Of those that are wise in biblical knowledge (Horton, 2009, p. 9). There are two different group within this approach. The first is described above. The second group uses that bible as a guide, like a book of precepts that are really great to draw and base decisions on (Horton, 2009, p. 0).

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Relationship-Formation Approach – This school of thought appreciates that God wants a relational relationship with His creation, and that a Christian enjoys a great deal of freedom when making decisions (Horton, 2009, p. 11). It also states that God wants His creation to grow, and to be capable of using what He has given a person to flourish and make decisions for themselves rather than rely on His every detail (Horton, 2009, p. 1 1). With Thomas, intend to discover his approach in determining God’s will for his life, how I old approach his situation, and how I would talk with someone holding a different approach.

Thomas is a young adult who is trying to understand if God’s will for his life is to become a pastor. Becoming a pastor would derail his current education and would require him to switch majors. Because he is already committed to his current path, he needs to be sure it is God leading him. Thomas has been praying that if it is God’s will for him to be a pastor for God to open all doors, clearing the way for him, and that God would make it very clear to him that pasturing is His will.

I believe that Thomas wants a feeling of peace that pasturing is God’s specific will for his life. Not only does Thomas want a peace for this profession, he wants signs. The signs that he is praying for are open doors. He is employing the Bull’s Eye school of thought. As read in Horror’s article, Bull’s Eye seekers seek peace and signs. While many Christians ask for these, peace for decisions and signs, it may be best to employ other methods as well. The reason is that when one accepts the call of God, he can be sure to get ushered into God’s boot camp.

See one may jack the appropriate training, so they will have to endure many obstacles which may appear like a door is closed when really it was not the case all along. Also, feelings are real, but one should remember that feelings do not always represent accurate accounts or always right. I would suggest approaching any decisions using multiple methods because they are all good and required in determining God’s will, and this is the direction I would lead anyone.