Relationship when I begin my career, I should always

Relationship with co-workers is also the key point mentioned by my
participants. My mother Jianping told me, “I really think relationship with colleagues is
so important. Once a teacher in my office quarreled with another teacher, it
really influences me very much. The atmosphere in the office makes you feel
nervous and sometimes you don’t even want to talk. (Jianping 2017)” When our interview came to an end,
my father advised me that when I begin my career, I should always pay attention
to relationship with my colleagues. Interpersonal relationship is crucial to
your career development. (Zhenguang 2017)” My uncle gives me the same suggestion. Bowen (2012)
also notes that Workplace relationships and
interaction have an impact on employee satisfaction and retention. Negative
attitudes can lead to isolation and loneliness, which may instigate an
employee’s desire to resign.


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       After interviewing my
parents, my uncle and my classmates, I found that besides salary, there are
many other factors may influence job satisfaction such as work conditions,
reward and recognition, opportunities to use skills and abilities and
relationship with co-workers. In addition, some of them also mentioned other
factors such as fairness, job security, location. I have to say that all the
factors they have mentioned may bring satisfaction to my career, especially
reward and recognition. Anybody wants to be recognized by others, so do I. A
well-functioned reward and recognition system can motivate me to do better in
my job. In addition to these factors, opportunity for training is what I value
the most. What we have learned from schools is enough for us to get qualified
for our job, so some training and advancement program should be provided by
company to help us improve our skills. Therefore,
I would like to choose a company which can offer training program.