Quantitative Versus Qualitative And Research Approach Essay

This subdivision provides the inside informations about the methodological analysis used in this research. Every methodological analysis has advantages and disadvantages and justification about the chosen methodological analysis of qualitative research method has been given. It will lucubrate the interview inquiries were selected and designed to carry through the aims of the research of the thesis as stated by Davidson ( 2001, p. 82 ) “ [ that is ] appropriate to the fortunes environing any given survey ” .

It gives a description about when, where and how the interview was conducted, who the interviewee was along with the topic ‘s choice standards.

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Research Philosophy of the Study
The most disposed methods to accomplish a good sharp-sightedness of the universe is through research doctrines ( Trochim, 2000 ) . The research doctrine is categorized into two groups: rationalist and phenomenologist. The group affecting rationalists trades with ‘deductive and quantitative ‘ attack to stress on the research aims, while the phenomenologist group trades with ‘inductive and qualitative survey to turn to the research aims ( Ogba, 2003 ) . Even so, it is critical to use the most appropriate method to understand the universe through the research work ( Trochim, 2000 ) .

For this exclusive ground, it is critical to maintain this sort of research in head and, if executable, the restraints to use certain research techniques that bind the theory and state of affairss bordering every research survey ( Davidson, 2001 and Crotty, 1998 ) . Therefore, it is rather evident that the research strategies that are to be utilized have to be based on these methods.

Case survey:
Case survey focuses on a specific instance, such as establishments, events, administrations, societal groups. Case survey combines assorted methodological analysiss to foreground different facets of a peculiar instance ( Johansson, 2002 ) . Case survey methodological analysis is best suited where thorough probe and analysis is needed. Harmonizing to ( Tellis, 1997 ) instance survey contains different phases such as planing the instance survey, carry oning the instance survey, analysing the grounds gathered in the instance survey and developing decision, deductions, and recommendations. Case survey should be used when chief focal point in the survey is replying “ how ” and “ why ” inquiries and research workers can non act upon the behaviour of persons involved in the research.

However most common drawback of instance survey is that in most instances researcher tend to reply inquiries that are excessively wide or the subject that is chosen has multiple aims. This can be prevented by carefully specifying boundaries for the instance in order to carry on effectual research ( Baxter and Jack, 2008 ) . When deriving an penetration of a peculiar instance or job instance survey can be a better option as it will concentrate more intensely on the chief aim of the survey. In this research instance survey method is chosen as a peculiar job which is supply concatenation hazards of Metro and Hyperstar. These hazards are being addressed, with the motivation to develop a extenuation program to extenuate important hazards which can hold assorted inauspicious effects.

Positivist Vs. Interpretivist:
The research paradigm occupies an of import topographic point when carry oning any research. This subdivision will get down by specifying what do each of the paradigms mean and so by explicating what stance will be taken for this research. So harmonizing to ( Malhotra and Birks, 2006 ) , there are two major research paradigms used by marketing research workers, which are Positivism and Interpretivism. Furthermore it has been explained by ( Charles, 1982 ) that both paradigms interpretivism and positivism are legitimate in carry oning selling research and aid to determine the nature of techniques that may be applied in their research. Therefore, following is the account of the function of positivism and its importance in marketing research.

Positivism research attack is fundamentally applied when the nature of the research is quantitative. Furthermore as ( Malhotra and Birks, 2006 ) stated, that the critical belief of a Positivist place is a position that the survey of consumers and marketing phenomena must be scientific i.e. in a mode of natural scientific discipline. Besides harmonizing to John et Al. ( 2004 ) Positivism is a signifier of philosophical pragmatism in close relation to the deductive method in research. Research surveies have ever been guided by a construct that helps the research worker to progress his surveies in the mode that will take to legitimate consequences. So in consequence he is guided by theory in most of the instances that will assist him find which variables should be investigated, how they may be operationalised and how the research design and sample should be selected ( Malhotra and Birks, 2006 ) .

Therefore as theory plays an of import function this attack is basically positive where a scientific attack is followed to marketing research which enable him to set up causal Torahs that lead him to the anticipation and account of the selling phenomenon ( Malhotra and Birks, 2006 ) . The scientific method therefore involves systematic observation and description of phenomena within a theoretical account or theory, the presentation of hypotheses, the executing of tightly controlled experimental survey, the usage of statistics to the trial hypotheses, and eventually the reading of consequences in visible radiation of the original theory. So the primary end of rationalist research worker is an account that will take to the anticipation and control of phenomena Joseph ( 2005 ) .

But at the other terminal of the image lies the interpretivist doctrine where the accent is on larning from each measure of the research procedure and accommodating the research design as the research develops ( Malhotra and Birks, 2006 ) . Here theory is used ab initio but as the research design evolves the accent is on developing new theory and research workers do n’t wish to be excessively focused on the bing thoughts ( Malhotra and Birks, 2006 ) .

Findingss play an of import function as because if found lacking, its legitimacy becomes questionable. ( Silverman, 2000 ) stresses that the interpretivist focuses on the dynamic, respondent-constructed and evolving nature of world, recognizing that there may be a broad scope of readings of worlds or the societal Acts of the Apostless. In interpretivist research, the undertaking is to recognize the nature of the values of the respondents and how they affect the inquiries and moreover how the inquiries may be interpreted by them. For this intent the interpretivist usage theory ab initio as a usher to the issues they want to research in the context of their probe.

Keeping in head the above mentioned facts, this research will follow the interpretivist paradigm as theory is non playing an of import function here and decisions will be respondent- constructed.

Qualitative method:
Qualitative research is known to be taken as a method to carry on societal research without aggregation or coevals of quantitative informations. Harmonizing to ( Gubrium and Holstein, 1997 ) Qualitative research has four traditions.

Naturalism: It refers to understanding of societal world as the manner it is and tends to supply description of people and interaction in natural scenes.

Ethno methodological analysis: Seeks to understand how societal order is created through talk and interaction ; has a realistic orientation.

Emotionality: Exhibits a concern with subjectiveness and deriving entree to inside experience ; concern with the interior world of worlds.

Postmodernism: there is an accent on ‘method talk ‘ ; sensitive to the different ways societal world can be constructed.

Human capacity of larning from others is developed and cultivated through qualitative enquiry ( Patton, 2002 ) . Harmonizing to ( Merriam and Associates, 2002 ) qualitative research provides us knowledge about the sociohistorical environment in which we exist, and can besides be used as a powerful tool to larn and derive penetrations about our lives.

Inductive Methodology:
The interpretivists seek to set up the legitimacy of their research by following the inductive method ( Malhotra and Birks, 2006 ) . This attack is followed to carry through twosome of intents as mentioned by ( Thomas, 2006 ) , i.e,

( a ) To distill natural textual information into a brief, drumhead format ;

( B ) Establish clear links between the rating or research aims and the drumhead findings derived from the natural information ; and

( degree Celsius ) Develop a model of the implicit in construction of experiences or procedures that are apparent in the natural information.

Inductive attack to analyze qualitative informations, provides an easy and systematic set of processs. It can be used as an advantage to pull out and deduce meaningful findings from natural informations. Despite the advantages of the inductive attack to this research, some restrictions may besides hold to be considered.

Quantitative versus Qualitative and Research attack:
Qualitative and quantitative methods are the basic subjects of research scheme. ( Corti and Thompson, 2004 ) States qualitative informations purposes to capture informations from assorted subjects in societal scientific discipline, it focuses on position of people, their experiences and how they interpret these experiences gained from the societal universe. ( Ghauri and Gronhaug, 2002 ) Elaborates that make up one’s minding a technique or method depend upon the type of research, research job, and the intent it needs to carry through.

Procedures of informations being collected from qualitative or quantitative research are typical, but there can be no uncertainty on the quality of consequences produced. Both of these methods cater to a different set of aims and are different in nature. ( Hammersley, 1992 ) stresses that qualitative informations high spots the position of the people under survey and considers their point of position instead than showing it from research worker ‘s position. As qualitative research is the survey of societal scientific discipline it gives importance to the people and how they interpret their ain behaviour, in order to better understand the sensitive issues such as consumer behaviour and attitudes.

Harmonizing to ( Mack et al. , 2005 ) qualitative methods grant flexibleness to the research worker to delve deep into the initial responses of the participants and look into the grounds such as why or how. Research worker should carefully pay attending to participant ‘s responses and actuate them to lucubrate their replies. As per ( Silverman, 2000 ) qualitative attack provides a deep penetration sing societal phenomena as compared to quantitative methods. In this survey qualitative attack is used as informations collected for the research chiefly depends upon the experiences and observations of the concerned directors in Hyperstar and tube, and as per their observation important hazards and assorted jobs associated with those hazards are identified.

Even though there are several advantages of exploratory attack harmonizing to which it is chosen as an appropriate method for this research, research worker may confront some troubles as good. ( Liamputtong and Ezzy, 2005 ) further elaborate that some group of people assume that qualitative research is less reliable as it lacks clear and defined set of regulations. Its interpretive nature lacks cogency every bit good as dependability and contributes small value towards scientific cognition. Building on this statement ( Silverman, 2000 ) criticizes this attack by indicating out the job of cogency, as deficiency of cogency inquiries the truth of consequences and findings deduced from this attack. Findingss may trust excessively to a great extent on the position and positions of the research worker that point out to the dependability facet of this attack.

Objective of research is to garner relevant and dependable informations in order to place most important hazards and to suggest, and suggest action program to extenuate those important hazards. Consequences and findings of this research may supply different companies relevant information about extenuating hazards, which rely to a great extent on their supply concatenation sections for efficient concern patterns. To do certain that information which is gathered is dependable and valid, supply concatenation director who is the most relevant and important forces sing supply concatenation determinations was contacted.

Supply concatenation director answered assorted inquiries and questions which helped in apprehension of cognition being collected. Findingss are carefully interpreted to keep the dependability as it is a major facet. Semi structured interview was conducted with inquiries to direct the subject of the interview, but different inquiries originating as interview was being were besides added to infer relevant information. Questionnaire was developed after carry oning interview to rank and prioritise the most important hazards. Extenuation schemes are proposed by thorough analysis of information from the interview, questionnaire, and literature to accomplish the research aim.

Research Sample:
( interview 1 )

Metro Pakistan

Department: Supply Chain

Appellation: Supply Chain Manager

Answering 1: Ali Zahid

( Interview 2 )


Department: Supply Chain

Appellation: Supply Chain Manager

Answering 2: Kashif Jaleel

This chapter will include informations and findings which are gathered through questionnaire and interviews from supply concatenation directors of Metro and Hyperstar. Current patterns in Supply concatenation direction of both retail merchants are elaborated. Supply concatenation hazards encountered by direction, and impact of these hazards on retail merchants are discussed in item.

Introduction to Metro and Hyperstar:

Retailers such as Metro and Hyperstar are the largest in Pakistan. Sing Pakistan as an emerging market many other big retail merchants are be aftering to tap this market section as it still has possible to supply concern and welcome new retail merchants. Metro and Hyperstar have broad assortment of merchandises, keeping an estimated 35000 articles in their shops.

Their aim is to supply clients with broad assortment of merchandises at low-cost and sensible monetary values as compared to their rivals. Metro focuses more on taping the commercial market such as, little retail merchants, eating houses, caterers etc. Sweeping monetary values are offered and assorted publicities are to promote professional purchasers, who depend on Metro to be their provider. Competitive monetary values by Metro and assorted publicities increase the profitableness of these commercial every bit good as professional clients adding towards their competitory advantage.

However Hyperstar taps all sections of the market such as persons, commercial, and households. Promotions offered in Hyperstar are for all types of clients and their gross revenues are chiefly from non commercial clients. Hyperstar ‘s chief concern is to construct good will and think of amongst its consumers by offering lowest monetary values every bit compared to its rivals such as tube and the little retail merchants, which are chiefly commanding Pakistani market.

Supply concatenation direction procedure of Metro:
Metro rely to a great extent on their supply concatenation sections or efficient concern patterns. Effective supply concatenation without breaks and holds will add competitory advantage for these retail merchants. There are two subdivisions of supply concatenation section at tube. Duties of supply concatenation section are handled by commercial subdivision and operations subdivision. Coordination with providers, planning, and telling are done by commercial subdivision which is situated in the caput office and operations subdivision is in charge of having the merchandises, agreement of the merchandises, show and covering with clients and their questions if any.

Supply concatenation direction procedure of Hyperstar:
The subdivision director is responsible for telling the goods. The section caput verifies the orders and so the concern sector director processes the orders. Once confirmation and processing is complete providers are so sent the orders who receive it and convey the points to the having country of Hyperstar. Receiving country director cheques and ensures that the merchandises received are in stead with the bill. Receiving country director so hands over the points to the concerned sections in the warehouse. Then the supervisor of the peculiar section in the warehouse, along with the subdivision director and stockers shelves the points on the store floor for the clients to purchase them.

Major supply concatenation hazards and how they affect Metro and Hyperstar:
Assorted supply concatenation hazards are identified after carry oning interviews and questionnaire, which are faced by Hyperstar and Metro. Risks which are identified affect the supply concatenation procedure and have adverse affects on these retail merchants. Most hazards are everyday hazards that have high likeliness of happening and will non hold high impact, but others will hold high impact even though their likeliness of happening is less.

Hazards identified through interviews:
Incorrect telling hazard

Stacking hazard

Fresh points hazard

Forecast hazard

Scheduling hazard

Lack of proficient preparation

Display restriction hazard

Communication spread

Late bringings hazard

Incorrect Ordering Hazard:

Incorrect ordination is one of the biggest hazards that a retail merchant faces in today ‘s market. When a big retail merchant places a immense sum of order with a provider, there is a possibility that the incorrect order has been placed. Incorrect telling can include over or under telling the points needed, order assortment and besides incorrect telling can ensue in the wrong receiving of merchandise, e.g. if the order for a merchandise has been exceeded by error, so it will take to wastage.

Furthermore, if a certain point measure has been ordered less than required than it can take to bad selling and the supply concatenation section will non hold adequate merchandises for postponing which can take to the client being dismayed with the shop which can hold far making effect with the client hesitating to return to the shop for future shopping. This can hold a immense impact on the gross revenues of the retail shop as clients have the power to rock sentiments and a few bad experiences can take to many a client chorus from shopping at the shop. Therefore, the retail merchant has to be in changeless touch with the provider so as to guarantee that the right orders are delivered every bit much as possible because if incorrect orders have been received so the retail merchant will hold no option but to either stock them or return them to the provider and await the right orders to get.


Another hazard that is associated with supply concatenation is stacking. Stacking agencies to form and postpone the points received in the warehouse in an orderly mode. Sometimes, employees do non pay much attending to stacking the points decently which can take to the points being damaged or worse lead to sinkage. Sinkage is referred to as points stacked in the warehouse get moistness, they become delicate or worse contaminated and this can do the points unserviceable. This can take to the points holding to be wasted and the shop has to take a fiscal loss on the said points.

Fresh ITEMS Hazard:

Customers presents try to happen the cheapest every bit good as the freshest nutrient points to devour. The gross revenues in a shop addition if the retail merchants are able to supply the fresh nutrient on the demand of the clients. For this exclusive intent, it is emphasized on the providers that all fresh nutrient points are to be delivered on clip and with attention because fresh nutrient points can acquire damaged enroute to the warehouse. Fresh nutrient points are handled really otherwise in shop as comparison to meat points.

The basic demand of fresh nutrient is temperature control and managing merchandise which is possible if supply concatenation is more efficient and good managed to avoid the loss of shriveling merchandises. Another hazard is that one time the points have been delivered, it is critical that they are categorized into First in First out ( FIFO ) so that points like milk, yogurt and eggs can be shelved on the store floor instantly so as to keep their freshness. Temperature has to be controlled for the points whether they are stored in the warehouse or placed on the shelves on the store floor, otherwise they may acquire wasted or perish.

Prognosis Hazard:

Prediction is an of import and critical tool that organisations use in this twenty-four hours and age of modern supply concatenation for points that are non in their stock list. Suppliers will utilize the information that the retail merchants will supply them with to bring forth the points that the clients will devour without overproducing the points as it will do non merely incommodiousness but besides lead to loss for the retail merchants.

Hence, prediction is a hazard that should be taken into history while puting an order with a provider so as to guarantee that the points are non over produced but every bit the prognosis must non fall short taking to the points being in short supply for the clients to devour. The cost of neglecting to keep an accurate prognosis can be financially important. Prediction is non a inactive tool but should be reviewed and maintained by directors on a regular footing. This is done to guarantee that critical information sing internal and external environment every bit good as future tendencies are taken into fed into the prediction tools so as to give an accurate computation.

Scheduling Hazard:

Scheduling is an of import and built-in portion of any supply concatenation. For case, most of the fresh nutrient points are delivered early forenoon so that clients can take them off the shelves every bit shortly as they become available and their gross revenues are systematically higher. Incase if fresh nutrient points are non delivered on times, so clients will be forced to turn to other shops and this leads to the fiscal border being slashed for the retail shops every bit good as the supply concatenation image being tarnished.

Therefore, it is highly critical that providers adhere to the agenda set for them to present these points. In order to avoid this sort of bad luck, the provider can e-mail the concerned section of the retail shop and do alterations to his engagement in the agenda so that other providers do non hold to wait in the having country while the first provider arrives with his merchandises.

Another factor that has to be taken into history in programming is the work force for both the providers every bit good as the retail merchants. Employees being in low Numberss that the sum required for burden, droping the points every bit good as being absent or being unenrgetic can take to the bringings falling behind agenda. This can perplex the relationship between the providers and the retail merchants. Suppliers sometimes fail to demo up for their scheduled bringings and this can do the retail merchant being short of the merchandise and holding to do make without the merchandise.


If the providers do non hold relevant proficient preparation or experience for the occupation so he can sometimes present icky or bad points, or publish incorrect barcodes on the points sent or the measure of the point is incorrect.

For illustration, in instance if there is an untrained stocker employed by the retail merchant, who does non hold proper preparation sing barcodes and a merchandise which has been received has a incorrect barcode on it, like a Television but with barcode of a DVD participant, so the untrained stocker will be having a Television but with the barcode saying that a DVD participant has been received which can take to invoice every bit good as point count being incorrect.

Another illustration is that if dishware set has been ordered but the points received has different design/pattern than the one ordered but since the stocker has no cognition to detect the elusive alteration in design/pattern so it can take to loss of merchandise every bit good as money.

In instance of fresh points that have to be placed in the iceboxs and hair-raisers where the temperature control is critical but if the employees do non hold proficient cognition about how to run temperature control so it can take to the points being icky or perish. All of these factors can take to fiscal every bit good as moral loss for the company as they will hold to reinvest in non merely the points but to develop the employees once more.


Metro every bit good as Hyperstar have merely a certain sum of points that they can expose on the shelves on the store floors. The impact of merely a certain sum of points being displayed is considered a minor hazard and the likeliness of its happening is improbable because these retail merchants order merely the sum of points that they need or at most can hive away in their warehouse. Display restriction does non hold any important affect on the gross revenues or net income borders of these retail merchants because most of the points that are displayed are the 1s that are sold the most and lend the most in footings of gross revenues.


Lack of information sharing between provider and retail merchants like Hyperstar and METRO can sometimes do a communicating spread to look which can hold a moderate impact as the likeliness of happening of communicating spreads is possible. This can happen when providers and retail merchants are non pass oning about the orders sent and received on a regular basis.

For case in instance of Hyperstar, communicating spread can look if an order was placed with a provider for 240 points but the points received were merely 200, so since the provider did non pass on with the supply concatenation director so Hyperstar has to have whatever measure that has been sent since it is the jurisprudence. Once received, those points are finally returned to the provider nevertheless with 12 % discount, with accommodations done in the following payment with Hyperstar deriving fiscal border over the provider. Since Hyperstar has gained an advantage due to the communicating spread, this can take to the relationship between the provider and Hyperstar to deteriorate.

Another facet of communicating spread is human mistake. Human mistake can on occasion take to incorrect invoicing. For case, if an point is in publicity sold at PKR 100 with a price reduction of 2 % , and by error it is logged at PKR 100 so when bill is received, it can take to invoice difference.

For case, METRO sometimes charges the provider at primary rate, which is fundamentally a price reduction on purchasing and on secondary which means the figure of gross revenues of a peculiar point. METRO erroneously does it on primary whereas the provider had stated that the price reductions are to be done on primary, this can take to incorrect invoicing which prompts METRO to return the points.

Late PAYMENT Hazard:

In instance if the provider makes late payments so the relationship between the provider and retail merchants like Hyperstar & A ; METRO is affected ensuing in the provider being dropped. Since late payments are non straight related to provide concatenation therefore they do non impact the hazards related to provide concatenation and are therefore considered to be of minor hazard.


In instance the provider puts incorrect bill and payment so the company ‘s invoice judicial proceeding section comes into drama. Invoice judicial proceeding agencies if any measure differs from the bill, so the audit forces contact the judicial proceeding section. If the points ordered are non received consequently or have been received with exceed measure, and so the supply concatenation director emails the provider and intimates him about the error. Incorrect invoicing has a moderate impact with the likeliness of happening being possible therefore this hazard has to be taken into history while extenuating scheme for supply concatenation.

The provider has to be careful that whatever points he sends should hold the proper bills refering to it with the purchase order.

For illustration, if the points sent are 8 alternatively of 10, so the payment will be done for 8 alternatively of 10, and the finance section will take up the issue with the supply concatenation director to rectify the losing points stock list.

Another term that comes into drama when order bill is incorrect is monetary value judicial proceeding: if the cost monetary value of an point is PKR 100, the provider does non bespeak the company about alteration in monetary value, and quotes the monetary value as PKR 120 but in the purchase order it remains as PKR100. Then the finance section intimates the supply concatenation section about the abnormality in monetary value and asks what to pay the provider. Since the provider had non intimated about the alteration in monetary value beforehand, so the monetary value offered to him will still be PKR 100, with the subdivision director subscribing off on the purchase. These are some of the hazards involved with under / over invoicing and the appropriate method to cover with it.

Extenuation schemes for hazards identified:

Hazards that are discussed above have likeliness of happening and Metro and Hyperstar brush this hazard in their day-to-day operations. Impact of these hazards are besides high as they are related to operations and forces involved in doing purchase orders, receiving merchandises, and negociating with providers come across these hazards. A simple mistake can ensue in telling incorrect measure of needed merchandises doing extra measures being ordered or deficit in measure. Mentioning back to literature there are several steps these retail merchants should take in order to cut down the happening of this hazard. Even though these hazards can non be eliminated, but taking effectual steps can guarantee extenuate them to cut down the inauspicious impact they have on these retail merchants.

Collaborative relationship with providers:

Hyperstar and metro necessitate to emphasize more on edifice collaborative relationship with their providers and they should be taken into assurance sing determinations that can hold an impact on them. Efficient coordination among retail merchant and provider will increase flexibleness and will be given to cut down uncertainnesss that are faced while carry oning everyday operations such as telling of merchandises, having merchandises, hazards sing termination of merchandises etc. ( Nayaga, Whipple and Lynch, 2010 ) Conclude in their research that collaborative relationship with providers tends to increase the degree of trust and committedness. Firms experience betterments in service degrees, decrease in rhythm clip, enhanced visibleness, and satisfaction degree of concluding consumers is besides increased.