Quality n improving air quality in the country. Petron

Quality refers to degree of excellence a
product or services provides by the company. One of the mission need to
establish by Petron is “Being an integral part of our customers’ live,
exceeding expectations and meeting changing needs, delivering a consistent
customer experience through quality products and innovative services”.  From this statement, we can see that Petron
willing to put more intention on fulfil the requirement of customers’ needs.

Petron’s philosophy on good corporate
citizenship permeates every facet of their operations. Petron integrate in
their operations that aim to protect the lives of their customers.

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In keeping with their promise to provide
first-of-its-kind products and services, Petron launched the high performance
Blaze 100RON Euro 4M motor gasoline in early 2016. Blaze 100 Euro 4M is
formulated with Tri-Activ, a triple action formula that is claimed to provide
better power, engine protection and mileage. Petron state that customers will
enjoying this product since it gives better performance, better mileage, and
unmatched driving experience; especially for high performance vehicles.

Moving towards higher productivity,
superior business performance and competitiveness, PDR was conferred the
globally-recognised International Standard Organization (ISO) 9001
certification. In recognition of their safety and health-related practices,
PMRMB’s terminals in Bagan Luar, KLIA Deport, Port Dickson, as well as Petron
Malaysia Group’s terminal in Kuantan and Tawau and the jointly-managed terminal
in Westport and Pasir Gudang received the 2015 MSOSH Occupational Safety and
Health Awards.

This was followed by the roll-out of our
Turbo Diesel Euro 5, which meets the ultra-low sulphur requirements of Euro 5
standards. The diesel fuel is now available in nearly 60 stations. Turbo Diesel
Euro 5 also provides better engine performance and fuel efficiency. More
importantly, it helps n improving air quality in the country.

Petron Gasul remains the preferred LPG
brand for many households. Given the strong demand for Gasul, they expanded our
network of distributors and dealers to bring their products closer to their
customers. They were also able to serve more households in the northern region
of Peninsular Malaysia.

Identifying the needs of industries for
more efficient and cleaner LPG, they re-introduced 50KG LPG cylinders to cater
to commercial and industrial markets.