Public vs Private Essay

In the world today many parents ponder the thought whether private schools are better than public schools. They decide what would be better for their children. When they do this they ponder many different things like what would be academically better for my son or daughter or which would be safest and some people even would send their son or daughter to a school just for athletics.

Some private schools are known for their academics. One of these schools would be Phillips Andover Academy in Andover MA. To be accepted to Phillips Andover you need to have a very high GPA (3.3). They send students to all of the top Universities and Colleges. Where in a public school all students are allowed to attend there is no choice of who can attend. Most parents think that the better name school your son or daughter is in the better school they will go to.

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Some parents think that it would be safer for their son or daughter to be sent to private school in Maine somewhere but many times they are wrong. They send their children to school to get them away from trouble but often there are more drugs at the private school then there would be in the public schools. In public schools there is probably more drinking then there would be in a private school. From going to both kinds of schools I found there to be a lot more hardcore drugs in private school. When I was in public school I saw most students consuming alcohol.

Many private schools are known for athletics. One of the athletic only schools is Bridgton Academy in Bridgton ME. They recruit students to play sports. If a coach were to want someone on the team they would be accepted no matter what their high school GPA was. I went to Bridgton and I gave tours. Most of the students would just want to talk about what is the competition level? How are the other teams we play? They really didn t care about schoolwork. I found this very surprising.

What all the parents have in common about deciding where to send their children to school is that they want what is best for their child. I can understand this but some people take it to the extreme by pulling the child in and out of many different schools until they find a school that the parents like.