PUBLIC used in a public health setting to create


disparities found in my geographical area are diseases, injuries and
disability. Most common Diseases in the United States are heart problems,
cancer, obesity and also arthritis

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Chronic diseases and conditions such as heart disease,
stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. One or four adults
develop chronic diseases at some point in their lives. One in four adults
had two or more chronic health conditions. Obesity is a serious concern as most
people do not practice eating healthy hence grow obese. Disabilities in the
Unites states ranges from Difficulty in walking, moving up the stairs, lifting,
mental disability, learning disability, Alzheimer, trouble concentrating.
Disability among children is 4.4% in the unites states. As people grow older,
the rate of disability rises from 4 % at 6 years to 50 % at 65 years.
Disability among youth aged 15 years is 21%


mortality and morbidity data can be used in a public health setting to create programmes

at decreasing the percentage Crude mortality rate also referred to as crude
death rate data can be used to plan for population- based deadly diseases like
cancer prevention and treatments. This data is also helpful when specific
requirements in a certain population as compared to another population. It is
realized that the state with a population of older people usually have higher
crude rate as older people are prone to diseases because of low immune system.
Infant Mortality rate data can be used as public health setting to know the
number of deaths in infants who are below one year, the causes of death of
these infants will be helpful in coming up with remedies to the deaths.
Maternal mortality rate which is the rate used to measure the deaths that come
as a result of pregnancy will be helpful in a public health setting to know the
causes of these deaths by interviewing the doctors and the patients themselves
hence come up with better ways of reducing the deaths. Sex specific and race
specific mortality rates are those that associated with a certain gender or a
certain race. In the United States, male are more likely to die from heart
attach compared to women. On the other hand, Morbidity data like incidence
rates which shows how faster a certain disease occurs in a population can be
used to know and calculate how healthy a state is, hence know how and when to
provide facilities and which facilities to provide. The data is also helpful to
know whether the provided facilities are put in use. In a public health
setting, it would be important to know how often an illness occurs so as to be
prepared. This data therefore needs to be uniform.



The aim of this proposal is to address
health disparities in the United States. Over the years the united states as a
whole have been facing various health disparities like diseases, injuries and
disabilities. Diseases like obesity, cancer and arthritis are among those that
people living in the United States have to deal with. Because of this, one in
four adults do develop these diseases in their lives. Most of the people in the
United States are found to be obese. This is found to be as a result of poor
eating habits, lack of exercise, lack of education on health issues and also
poverty leading to junk lifestyle. Disability being another cause of concern in
the health sector makes it difficult for people to get good education. This is
because there are people with walking disability, lifting disability and even
mental disability. Some have trouble concentrating. It is therefore important
that these disparities be dealt with for purposes of building a healthier
nation. Some of the ways in which this can be done include science based
research that can help close these disparity gaps. Community and local health
authorities need to be involved for success of managing disparities. Injury is
also a cause of concern in the United States being road accidents, food
poisoning, falls from stairs, domestic violence. Social determinants like lack
of access to quality education, poor housing and violence. Ways of managing these disparities is to
have Community health workers who are employed and based at the community
centres, carrying out peer education will be beneficial. Managers can be put in
place to work with patients who have these diseases. Community Health Workers
can be encouraged to work with the patients as they understand the
socioeconomic status of these patients. Screening officers and screening booths
should be placed strategically in various locations in the community to check
the conditions of individuals within the community. Peer educators will also
help a great deal in dealing with these disparities. They will be able to
explain to the affected how to handle themselves in case of attack.