Psychology Essay

Which one of the three phases of the behavioral viewpoint, a historical management perspective, is best illustrated in the article? Explain why. NAS: The three phases of the behavioral viewpoint are early behaviorism, the human relations movement and behavioral science. The phase best illustrated in the article is Behaviorism which was pioneered by Foulest, Mayo and Mustering who talked about how psychologist can identify the psychological conditions for employees to do their best work.

In the article it talked about a boss who yells at workers, leaving them feeling powerless and instantly on edge, and sometimes reduced to tears when the explosion comes. One Of Foulest ideas in reference to behaviorism talked about how conflicts should be resolved by having managers and workers talked over differences and find a solution. In the article it mentioned to not suppress anger and ways to deal with them and get away with it. 2. Which one of the three contemporary management perspectives is best illustrated in the article?

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Explain why. NAS: The contemporary management perspective best illustrated in the article is Contingency viewpoint. Which emphasizes that a managers approach should vary according to- that is, Ewing contingent on-the individual and the environmental situation. In the article it basically talks about how some managers express their anger. Some do it by yelling, angry email, silent yelling or just sarcasm. The article talks about ways to avoid these issues and keep your emotions in check.

Managers in the article discussed better ways to deal with their angers which will help get a better outcome. 3. Which one of the three parts of the definition for a learning organization and which one of the three key functions or roles managers play to build a learning organization are best illustrated in the article? Explain how you know. NAS: The three parts of learning organization are Creating and acquiring knowledge, Transferring knowledge, and modifying behavior.

The part of learning organization best illustrated in the article is Modifying behavior which reflects new knowledge. In the article different bosses shared examples of situations they had with their subordinates. They stated ways it could have been handled for a better outcome of the situation. The three key functions of roles managers play are build a commitment to learning, work to generate ideas with impact and work to generalize ideas with impact.