Project the knowledge of method to manage a project.

Project management is defined as the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques for a team to achieve specific goals and meet the project requirements on the specific time. There are a lot of challenges of project management to achieve all the goals. The primary constraint is scope, time quality and budget. While the second challenges is to make sure that the project is meet the pre-defined objectives. A web project must be done by a team not individual. Hence, the problems between the team members would be occur such as communication problem. In order to avoid the problems, project manager is act an important role to manage the team and make sure that the project can be done within time, budget and meet requirements of organization. Other than that, team building also can help in improving the relationship between the team members. An interview was conducted to PanoRazzi SDN BHD in order to gain the knowledge of method to manage a project. This paper is discussed in details about the project management of this company.


Literature reviews

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Experience is an important thing for project managers. This is because experience can gives confidence to project manager when they are facing some problem and issues that pertain to project management. According to the journal “Development paths of project managers: What and how do project managers learn from their experiences” done by Chantal M.J.H. Savelsbergh, the experience gained by project manager is classified into two types which are formal and informal learning experiences. Formal learning takes place within an officially organized learning program occasions such as undergraduate and postgraduate education with a particular project management component. While informal learning may involves study from personal experiences such as mentoring and learning from complex problem during the internship. In this research, semi-structured interviews and short survey were conducted among 31 project managers. Most of experience is studied from informal on-the-job learning. Though this survey, it shown that the project managers are tend to learn about different skills from their first learning experiences compare to learn from later learning experiences. Both hard and soft skills are learned by project managers from their experiences. Experience is act as an important role for projects managers in developing a successful project.