Program: Communicating in English OBJECTIVES: The objective is to:


Masters in Education Leadership & Management

                      (1st Semester

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Code: Educational
Research and Statistics

Topic: Research


By: Dr. Shumaila Mahmood

By:        Tehreem Shahzad  











of Content:

Ø Introduction

Ø Objective

Ø Significance
of the study

Ø Literature

Ø Methodology

Ø Research

Ø Limitations




The policy of
government are different and the people following them are somehow different. With
feeble base in English the government school learners fail to grip the lectures
when they join institution of higher education. At colleges or universities level
there are two categories of learners incoming into upper education level.

1.     Urdu
medium background of students.

2.     English
medium background of students.

English medium students are capable of English communication and writing
abilities, so they do not get problem at any stage of learning. Their
self-reliance level is higher as relating with others. However the Urdu
standard learners face problems to conflict them.

Their problems in English leads to their
disappointment in a specific subjects. English is essential subject. Therefore
letdown in English affects the failure in complete result.

 Due to
unfortunate grades and marks again and again the CGPA decreases down and they suffered in commercial and economic
difficulties. It has been notices that these students are more intellectual and
sharp of a mind but due to their Urdu medium background they can’t attain their
aims. Communicating in English




The objective is to:

Ø Examine
several community psychosomatic and educational aspects blamable for the
problems in the capable English language to communicate.

Ø Construct
the language trainers (teachers) to know the vital character they have to
accomplish in such condition.




As we identify that generally learners belong and
brought up to Urdu-medium society and they don’t have extraordinary abilities
of English language. The foremost target of this enquiry is to give knowledge
to instructors and accept such proper schemes to resolve them. This study can
be practice on several English learners of graduation level in different fields
of performance also. This study will deliver an outline of the problems
encountered by maximum of the learners of Urdu medium students.


that in Punjab the basic language of the pupils is Punjabi and in schools they
have to study English .The difficulty deceits that they have no accepting of
this overseas language and they have to read this only to pass the examination.
They also fact out many other difficulties which are limitations in the
learning English .First of all their environment does not support, assessment structure
and  does not have any spoken exam of
language .Teachers are guaranteed to complete the curriculum only.

 (bilal, 2013)



(Iqbal, 2012)
offered the study about the contrast of public versus private secondary schools
he highlighted that public sector cannot fulfill the needs of education alone
in the country that is why it needs the involvement of private sector. He shares
 the opinion that although public sector
is providing good buildings trained staff and good facilities but the quality
education is not being grant to students that is why people select go to
private sector for good schooling of their children. (shahzad) Defined that
learning is a procedure not only between student and instructor but it demands conversation
writing, reading assessment. They emphasis to learning a language is vital that
the medium of instruction should be Conferring to the psychological state of
the student



It is a chief difficulty faced by Pakistani students
is correct use of English grammar. This is one of the main problems. The
grammar of English and Urdu are absolutely altered from each other. Writing is
part of assessment. Without learn proper grammar of any language we can’t have
grip on definite language. In erudition there are many hitches which students
have faced by students. It’s true that every level language involves many
linguistics capacities. Writing involves a lot of attention. Many researchers
did work to find the writing problems and writing difficulties. The results of
their researches help out to overcome the writing problems (MummunaGhani, Anser mermood, september 2012)
found the structures which influence on knowing a language.


Another researcher piloted a research on language
learning and says that there are six levels of the writing procedure:
Determining the subject, talking account of readers; expurgation; proof
reading, and reviewing (Edwin and Grundy, 1996)but
this methodology had overlooked the selection. And it also unnoticed the
discrimination on procedure of writing.     


The delinquent of value of English language teachers
has always remained unsolved in Pakistan ( (Government
of Pakistan , 2009)that’s why almost all
educational policies and ideas have argument the need of superiority English
language teachers in Pakistan  (Memon, 2007; Shami & Hussain, 2006)The
main sprints were lack of funds and dogmatic will has been persisted a strong obstacle
in the quality of English language teachers  (Iqbal
& Ahmed , 2010)Quality
differs from situation to situation, institute to institute and person to
person, for a university it can be inferred as an tool by which the aims are to
be attained  (Ismail,
2010)) as how good any
educational institutions are offering their services to their students  (Seyfried,
2007). It consists of two ranges
such as relevance and excellence  (Ullah,
2005)where excellence is
the grade dependent on goodness of facility is related to standard  (Kee,
Irfan &, 2013)The
product of higher education organization of Pakistan cannot contend worldwide
due to isolation of quality English language teachers  (Aadil,;Shah, 2010 )who are also facing a
number of difficulties and they have a great impact on the quality  (Qureshi,
Batool &, 2007)There
are many challenges and problems existing here in Pakistani education organization
such as non-flexible admission criteria, lack of qualified faculty, supervisors
lack local field experience, lack of collaboration with
both local and intercontinental investigators and job market, lack of seriousness
and absence of variety  (Aadil,
2010; Iqbal, 2004)





The methodology I intend to use would be mix method
i.e Qualitative and Quantitative research.


Population will be the student of Graduation level
in the University of Education Township Campus.


The students who are selected for sample will be 30
students who studied Urdu medium till there intermediate level.

for Research:

Following tools will be used:


Statistical data would be collected from students of
graduation level through Questionnaire of at least 10 questions.


Taking the review and examine the changes in pre and
post result before and after teaching experiment.




 What are the
hitches encountered by an English language student belongs to the Urdu-medium
instructions? What specifically-planned educational policies can be used? Which
language should be the medium of instruction would best to be impose.



of the problems would be faced by me is the lack of ability. Having less
knowledge about the current research. There would be no wide range of different