Premodern Essay

Pre-modern authorities believed that the “ultimate Truth” came from God and the church was the main authority from the beginning of time till the sass’s (Hoffman, 2005). The education system today has closed the door on this era of authority because not every child in the school system is religious. When a person’s belief system is God they know His word in their hearts and children who do not have this same relationship do not know His word. How is it fair to incorporate one belief into the education system when not all children understand that one belief?

From 1650 to the sass’s, modern authoritarian views were introduced which used the knowledge of the senses and logic (Hoffman, 2005). The authority became the universities and politics (government,kings, rulers, etc.. ) where religion was mixed in with the modern authority thus not completely closing the door on religion and education. Education in today’s culture has walked away from this use Of authority as well because it became very black or white there was not alternate ways. From our readings and researching this area of authority it seemed as if it as very scientific and researched.

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Not believing in the spiritual aspect of things fully. For example, if the modern authority had researched and determined in 1882 that all cheese was green then it remained all cheese was green. Education today is just not that way, it is exploitative and technological. From the 1 ass’s to present “postmodern” authority showed that modern and pre-modern (science and reason) could not work alone and needed to work together along with intuition, relational and spiritual (Hoffman, 2005).

Education today is not “cookie cutter” it is well advanced ND has to be looked at from all sides of learning and there is so much out there it has to incorporate the past authoritarian views and the views of the world today. In therapy you have clients that are pre-modern, modern and postmodern and they all can affect the therapy that is given. As we know we can’t change people but we can give them an alternative way to think of things. Postmodern is a realist theory and therapy is helping people see “ultimate truth” within themselves that may or may need to be changed to enhance who they are.