Pornography And Violence Essay

The beginn ing of it is not known, however it is promptly accessible in every country. There are diverse s orts, levels and types. It is accessible for each diverse interest an individual may have. Some a ccept that it started in ancient Greece. The issue that has surfaced is whether explicit entertainme nt is the reason for sexual roughness and in the event that it must be banned.

There are contenti ons that pornography can’t be the reason, since it doesn’t force people to do anything. There are no subliminal messages in these. Nor, is there a firearm indicated the leaders of those carry ing out these criminal acts. There are other people who contend that erotic entertainment may not be the sole reason, however it is a component. This is the sort of explicit entertainment t hat needs to be banned. In the event that this kind of explicit entertainment is not banned, ro ughness against ladies won’t stop. It needs to be banned, as well as it needs to be halted.

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Ame rica needs to pass laws that restrict the utilization and creation of this material. This will make an impression on whatever remains of the world that this isn’t right and needs to stop. 3 Pornography is one of the largest industries in the United States. The origin of these sorts of films and magazines are not known, but they are readily available in every nation. There are different types, levels and genres. It is available for every different fetish a per son might have. Some believe that it began in ancient Greece, while others are certain it began long before it.

MerriamWebster defines pornography as: “movies, pictures, magazines, etc. , t hat show or describe naked people or sex in a very open and direct way in order to cause sexual excitement. ” (MerriamWebster, 1993). Sexual abuse is defined as a physical abuse or as a separate problem address ed in studies on rape and sexual violence (Shope, 2004). It is anything from molestation to r ape and torture, in a sexual manner. The history of sexual abuse actually dates back to biblical ti mes. There are multiple accounts of rape and punishments for it in the Bible.

In Genesis, it sp aks of a man who raped Dinah. As punishment for this, her brothers came to his land and killed all the men (Genesis 34:131, King James Version). There was no pornography during that time, but men still had their imaginati ons. It is from those imaginations that pornography came to be. Soon thereafter, there came violent pornography. Men already had rape fantasies before this genre came to be. If they did not there would not have been a market for it. Although some will argue that pornogra phy does not cause sexual violence against women, violent pornography does.

The issue that has surfaced is whether or not pornography is the cause of sex ual violence and if it must be banned. There are arguments that pornography cannot be t he cause, since it does not force humans to do anything. There are no subliminal messages in these. Nor, is there a gun 4 pointed to the heads of those committing these crimes. There are others who argue that pornography may not be the sole cause, but it is a factor. Not all men who watch pornography become rapist. Some argue that this sho ws there is no correlation between pornography and violence.

However, almost every ra ist have been found to have, or have watched, hardcore pornography. Many of them said that it fu eled their drive to commit these crimes. Ted Bundy, for example said ” The most damaging kind of pornography and I’m talking from hard, real, personal experience is that that involves viole nce and sexual violence. The wedding of those two forces as I know only too well brings abo ut behavior that is too terrible to describe. ” (Dobson, 1989). As a child he found this pornography in the neighborhood trash. He said that it fueled his thought process.

It gave him ideas. It showed him what to do. He did not bla e pornography for his actions, but admitted the hardcore version played a major role. He becam e a pornography addict and, as with any addiction, his fantasies were no longer enough. He ne eded to act them out. The use of softcore (nonviolent) pornography has never shown any correlatio n to sexual violence as the use of hardcore (violent) pornagraphy has. The use of any por nography causes a response in the human brain. However, the use of violent pornography has h ad a negative affect.

Nothing in the research shows that watching a violent pornography once will have a long term psychological effect. es the constant use Of it. Once a person sees an action done repeatedly, his mind becomes desensitize d to it. It becomes a normal part of life. It may be from the arousal of watching interco urse that causes to desensitization to the violence of it. The physiological response from men wh o were rapists were 5 the same as that of nonrapists when watching violent pornography. “Normals ‘ say in significant numbers that they would rape if they thought they could get away with it. (Za winski, 1980). This showed that men were desensitized from the true horrid nature of rape by watching this violent pornography. They no longer saw women as human beings, but a s pieces of meat they could have their way with. They did not feel remorse or compassion tow ards these women. The comments above showed that these men do not care about women. The y only care about getting caught. It is this type of media that affects the way men, who are exposed to it, see w omen. “Once someone is objectified, it does become progressively easy to aggress a ga inst that person. ” (Zawinski, 1980).

According to the Meese Commission, ‘Viewing pornography c hanges perceptions of ‘typical’ sexual behavior, trivializes rape, promotes rape myths nd directly leads to male aggression toward women. ” (Ferguson and Harley, 2009 Professor Diana E. H. Russell defined pornography as “material that combines sex and/or the exposure of genitals with abuse or degradation in a manner that appears to endorse, condone or encourage such behavior. ” (Russell D. E. H, 1999). That is what most would d efine hardcore pornography as, not pornography as a whole. In this material women are not considered human, but as pleasure items for male arousal.

The woman is usually crying and sayin g no, while the male is attacking her with greater force. He hears her cries, but does not stop. In this media, there tends to be the notion that the woman secretly wants to b e raped. They speculate that because the woman may orgasm, it means that she is enj oying the experience. Orgasms are defined as ‘ intense or paroxysmal excitement. ” (MerriamWebster, 6 1993). Paroxysmal means that it cannot be controlled. This is no excuse for vi olating someone in this, intense, horrid way. This is the type of pornography that needs to be banned.

If this type of porno graphy is not banned, violence against women will not Stop. It not only needs to be banned, ut it needs to be stopped. America needs to pass laws that forbid the use and production of thi s material. This will send a message to the rest of the world that this is wrong and needs to stop.