Political USA & Australia). Most of the political challenges

Political analysis; 

It inspects the guidance of
government. It is about policies, rules, and regulations on the industry or
association with reference to Virgin Atlantic Airline. It can be debated that
several political factors such as taxation policies, labour low, customer
policies and trade restrictions forced by the government have a great impact on
airline industry. According to Virgin Airline management, they are an
expression with various political challenges when business spread into foreign
countries compared to the UK, ( ex; USA & Australia). Most of the political
challenges are embraced by licensing, bureaucracies set by the UK and foreign
governments also increased parameter and control of business operation by

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Economic analysis;

Virgin Atlantic Airways has been
challenged with hard competition from other firms in the industry, for example,
the organization was required to lower its flight rates following an analysis
of prices for air travels by its major opponents in the air transport industry
such as American Airlines and UK Airways. Because of this competition in 1990 ”
Virgin Atlantic offered first class ticket at business class prices, inventions
included limousine pick up for first class passengers and seat back video
entrainment systems for economy class passengers”. This new decision creates an
opportunity to win the economic competition and get more profit & customers.

Social factors,

English Airways, Atlantic Airways and
different aircrafts, for example, EasyJet have officially asked for the EU and
the French government to propel an activity intend to limit the impact of ATC(
Air movement controller) assaults on travellers various ATC union strikes hit
France in 2016 because of social turmoil over a progression of questioned work
changes from the Socialist government, making Virgin Atlantic cross out many
flights to and over France The pinnacle summer season in 2016 was hard to work
for some, carriers including Virgin Atlantic, to a great extent because of
social factors outside of the carrier’s control especially, air activity controller
(ATC) strikes in France






Further as Jones (2009) has contended,
the Internet influences industry rivalry to consummate on the grounds that it
enables travellers to contrast airfares of various aircraft organizations and
only a couple of snaps, which in actuality influences estimating capacity, as
indicated by Gal-Or (2011). By and by, the web additionally offers a
cost-cutting possibility for Virgin which is the reason it as of late propelled
AIR4, Virgin Atlantic’s major innovative transformation in organization
history, which saw Virgin put resources into IT-based traveller benefit
frameworks, for example, the new portable application, self-benefit booking
innovation and enhanced stand usefulness

Legal environment:

During the
December 2016, Virgin Atlantic pilots chose to make mechanical move in
succession over union acknowledgment after the pilots union, Professional
Pilots’ Union (PPU) which speaks to more than 70% of Virgins 900 or more
pilots, requested to be the main only perceived union for Virgin’s pilots and
for British Airline Pilots Association to be recognized



People are much watchful to
the impacts of environmental change since the general population of all
countries convey learning about some type of negative disaster; from surges,
dry season outrageous record-breaking hot temperatures, record breaking below
zero temperature and so forth. That have been credited by researchers on a
dangerous atmospheric deviation. Virgin Atlantic like numerous different
airline confronted maintained working interruption in June a year ago (2016)
and also January 2017 because of unfavourable climate conditions, specifically
electrical storms in South East England, which prompted a cancelation of
flights to and from London Heathrow and Gatwick and a postponement in numerous
different flights