Plex or yearly subscription fees. Some key features includeautomatically

Plex Inventory Management is a cloud-based service that allows the user with managinginventory easily, and requires monthly or yearly subscription fees. Some key features includeautomatically record inventory transactions, track inventory in real time with incrementalscanning options, track both discrete and process manufacturing activities, use scanners andrelated technologies, analyze trends with upstream and downstream genealogy, and create andprint labels automatically. The software allow the user to create “containers” to organizeinventory into categories, instead of having just a single list, as well as create an inventorymaster list to be used for manual inventory counting and such. The owner or employees canconduct ongoing cycle counts using scanners that read barcodes or other forms of trackinginventory to make sure that the inventory count corresponds with what is recorded in thedatabase. For a more in depth analysis of this software, visit the website: NCR CounterpointNCR Counterpoint offers a variety of useful features to many types of businesses such as retail,wholesale, mail-order, and e-commerce, and operates as a point-of-sale system. Thepoint-of-sale system is where the customers executes the payment for goods or services boughtfrom the owner’s company. As Yamarie Grullon, manager of content strategy at ShopKeep,4explains, “a point of sale system is a combination of software and hardware that allowsmerchants to take transactions and simplify key day-to-day business operations.” The key1features of this software includes comprehensive inventory management system, automatedpurchase orders, extensive mobile device support, e-commerce integration, cloud hostingbenefits, integrated hardware solutions, and detailed reports and analytics. For a more indepthinformation of this software, visit the website: