Pharmacy Essay

It has ever been my dream to be a druggist. To be able to lend to the research and production drugs which will be of aid to people far and broad and being able to touch lives long even after I have left this Earth is dream like none other. I was able to show this dream in junior high school by taking excess college categories which are pharmacy school requirements. Most of the pharmaceutics prerequisites. I completed a twelvemonth after my graduation from high school and I was accepted into the Hawaii College of Pharmacy. I nevertheless had to return to California after my first twelvemonth. as the school was closed down due to legal issues.

I once more took my requirements for pharmaceutics and this clip. due to my one twelvemonth experience in Hawaii. I achieved A’s and B’s. With the focal point and thrust towards accomplishing my dream which has led me through the fringe benefits for pharmaceutics and admittance into the Hawaii College of Pharmacy. it is merely a affair of clip before I would accomplish my end of going a druggist. And I when I do I trust to work and derive experience in a pharmaceutics in Southern California late acquired by my household. This will make the platform for me for full research in the field.

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