Persuasive: Joining Wrestling Team Essay

A wrestling practice can start with a six mile jog followed by a thirty minute session of running up stairs, and carrying people on their backs. Afterwards, the wrestler would engage in a full practice of drills, learning new moves, and going “Live”. Live is not quite drilling, but not as intense as a real match. It allows wrestlers to see what will happen when they try new moves and counters in a sort of “practice” match. Not many people are physically and mentally fit for this kind of practice. Only a select few can cope with it without giving up. There are many other aspects of the sport that not many of the participants can overcome.

One of these would be that when anyone hears the word “wrestling”, they would think of a gay sport. These people could not be more wrong. Many of the moves require grabbing the inner thigh or lying on top of the opponent, but this does not mean the sport is gay. This sport measures a man’s brute strength and skill in the most primitive of ways. Matches are paired up with wrestlers equal in weight so that no one has an advantage in weight. This sport dates back 15,000 B. C. O early Egyptian and Babylonian beliefs and cave drawing found in France. Tenacity is also a key factor of becoming a wrestler.

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This sport requires a wrestler to have a highly developed stamina, because a match can tire a person out in under a minute if he or she is not in shape. During a match, a wrestler must fight with all he has to not let his opponent hold them down on their shoulder blades for three seconds, and this is no easy task. Even though a match is almost always less than six minutes, most wrestlers are gasping for air as they wobble back to their seat whether they won or lost. Their senses go haywire, and the room keeps spinning and then everything comes back to them a few minutes afterward.

Tenacity would also play in a role with the fact that sometimes wrestlers have to “cut” weight so their body weighs a predetermined weight before a given match. This is for the few people that naturally weigh in-between classes. Rumor has it that the lighter a person gets, the easier it is, but this is not true, and is dangerous to one’s health. Even though the first few weeks of practice would burn off at least three mounds off of everyone because of the intense training, a few ignorant people would put on plastic suits and sweat off as much as fifteen pounds!

These are the hard-core wrestlers who think that being lighter is so important that they feel that have to drop down to a very unsafe weight class. The more they sweat, the more dehydrated they get, and from this, a wrestler’s metabolism would slow down, making it nearly impossible for them to lose any more weight. This is their body protecting itself from the wrestler’s unsafe conditions it puts itself through. If he does not stop what he is doing, the body loud completely shutdown, and the wrestler would be tired within minutes, as well as pull muscles, jam fingers, and get strains much more frequently.

This ultimately leads to a really good wrestler losing to a beginner who cannot even compare in skill or experience because he was too tired to go on. This sport is not the easiest to accept, but the lessons a wrester learns are well worth it. Wrestling is an individual sport – in the sense that the outcome of a match is solely dependent on how that person did – but teamwork is required in every aspect other than the actual match. A wrestler’s training partner is the one person who can warn them when a move they did was done incorrectly or father is a way to make the move more efficient.

Only with a good training partner can a wrestler find and work on positions and moves that are troublesome. As the season progresses, the wrestlers on the team would get to know each other much more then any of their friends would. Wrestlers grow together in suffering from the intense practices and the significant amount of time they spend with each other during the season. Wrestlers of the same team usually nag out together and would go out for pizza as a team after a match they won to celebrate.

The bond a wrestling team gets as the season ends is much different from a friendship, for it has no boundaries in trust, kindness, and loyalty. This sport has a bad reputation for many things that are untrue. Wrestling is not gay, and it does not make anyone “cut” weight in order to participate. This is a sport unlike any other, for the fact that a person must have a few key qualities to excel in the sport. Any person, athletic or not, has no reason not to sign up for the team.