Personal Narrative Essay

As I was growing up, my grandpa would always give me the best advice. He w the first person I’d go to when was faced with a problem, and he would regular early say, “That’s life. It’s in God’s hands now. ” His motto would always put me at ease, b UT what do do when life presents its most horrifying challenge? During the summer of 2010, my mother, grandfather, and I were planning my confirmation which was set to take place the following year.

It wasn’t until late r that I realized how important this moment would be to me. Soon after we planned t e gathering, my grandpa had experienced a pain in his side. The doctors ordered d an MR., which showed a large, fisted cancerous tumor on the right lower lobe of his lung. My family and I were in disbelief. In spite of my grandfather’s condition, doctors b lived he could experience a good quality of life after the affected lobe was removed. The operation took place about a month after we received the news.

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Mom an del paced the waiting room frantically until we heard he was out of a successful s urges. Although the operation was effective, there were unforeseen complications. T he wound oft behind would not heal, and the remaining lobes of his lungs did not perform arm as well as the doctors expected. This left him feeling weak and exhausted, while I was disappointed with the results. After a two month long hospital stay, the lesion healed and my grandfather w transferred to Sunset Knoll, a nursing and rehabilitation center in Aurelia. A d high hopes that, with the right therapy and rest, he would recover. Unfortunately, my grandpa passed away, just short Of my confirmation day, after only a one month Stay I n the nursing home. I was inconsolable. Instead of planning a confirmation party, m y family was planning a funeral. As my confirmation day arrived, family members grew more emotional. “Grand adapt would be so proud,” my mom said as she wrapped her arms around me, and tears ran down her face.

I was so overcome with emotion, I could hardly speak. “l know, Mom,” I said, barely audibly. It wasn’t until I was standing in front of the congregation, reflecting upon all t hat happened during the year, that I realized life doesn’t always go as planned. The ere are many obstacles and trials we must face, but as my grandpa always said, “That’ s life. Its in God’s hands now. ” He is right. Everything is in God’s hands, including my w underfed grandfather.