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P1 &M1

Verbal Information

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This is when Sainsbury’s interacts with their customer face
to face, this is the most effective way to communicate with customers, this is
because employers can easily guide a customer and ensure they get the product
they want or need. Meetings should take place regularly to ensure the business
is doing well. Sainsbury’s must ensure their staff are well experienced and
know how to speak to customers in a good fashion. Sainsbury’s produce a higher
profit because of their employees in stores as people are a lot more
comfortable buying products when they are advised as they believe it is a good
quality product. It is one of the best ways to communicate however it could go
wrong with the employee does not understand the customer. This method of
communication with the customer is the best as there is less of as chance of a
mistake in communication

Onscreen information

Sainsbury’s will also use onscreen information as they have
many TV advertisements. Onscreen information is something that mixes text
graphics, audio, animations and video.

Written Information

Sainsbury’s also uses written communication this is done in
many way. Writing is when symbols are used to present something or a sound that
normally make up speech. This is not only words but also diagrams, tables and
any other visual that of information. The state of economics, technological and
social development would not be the same. Sainsbury’s uses this all the when
emails are sent, memos are put up or changes in work pattern these are just
some of the examples of when Sainsbury’s use written information.


Multi-media information

Sainsbury’s used multiple different types of multimedia.
This can be anything from text to video. Sainsbury’s has a web page which has
many pieces of text imaginary and even audio in some areas. Multimedia comes in
many forms, it can be within a video game or cd by in this case Sainsbury’s
multimedia is from web page. Multimedia has been around since the 1960’s and
was first used to example how exploding plastics inevitable, this has all kinds
of media from audio to lighting as well human performance.

Web based information

In our day and age web based information is very useful as
information can be transmitted in a matter of seconds because of the modern
high speeds of broadband and is now one of the most common ways of transferring
information for example now when people have a problem or need to research a
topic they no longer got to find a book they no go on a web page to help them.
This also allows information to be found and read at all times.

Why it is so important for Sainsbury’s to have reliable
information and what is the purpose of this

It is very important for Sainsbury’s to have reliable and
valid information, without this the business will always be blind and will not
know what’s going on in the business. If Sainsbury’s has valid information they
can then plan their next moves an s business which I’ll be the most beneficial.
Having reliable and valid information will allow the business to update their
knowledge, help with future development, communicating sales promotions and
SWOT analysis.

Updating knowledge

It is important that businesses make sure their records are
kept up to date and making sure changes are made immediately. Sainsbury’s is
required to know how their labour markets are changing, how the economic state
is, the new laws put in place and how the market is developing.

Informing future developments

If Sainsbury’s does not how develop and change quickly
enough it will slowly fall behind from competitors a good example of this is
self-service checkouts doing this made stores much more efficient and Sainsbury’s
also did this. Many people only use the self-service machines when shopping and
this may have been a reason why people wouldn’t come to the store making sure
they had this will help them retain old customers and gain new ones. A business
like Sainsbury’s will not produce a product unless they know for sure that the
product will be a success.

Communication sales promotions

Businesses like Sainsbury’s use multiple methods and
information to make consumers aware of sales promotion. They have all kinds of
information about their products on their website which is one of the most
effective ways to do this as many people will go on the Sainsbury’s website to
search for certain products. This is also done by Sainsbury’s on newspapers, journal
adverts and Televisions.

Inviting support for activities

Sainsbury’s will need the support of its workforce whenever
it plans to change something like making the business more efficient this is
because the whole workforce has to be more motivated and working in a better
quality. This will not be done unless all staff have clear information on what
the business wants to do and what they want their staff to change in order for
the business to be more efficient.

Swot Analysis and strategic direction

It is very important for Sainsbury’s to produce SWOT
analysis for all areas of the business to ensure they are improving the
business at all times this will also help develop the business and there will
never be a time in which SWOT analysis’s needed to be created. This allows
Sainsbury’s to give the business a strategic direction that will allow the
business to focus on key issues with the business. Possible threats are: new
competitors, taxes added on to products and price wars with other businesses.
Opportunities that are possible are improving the market business by going
online with websites and international markets. Possible weaknesses that could
be in the business are lack of marketing, where the business is located, having
low quality goods. Possible strengths can be where the business is located, new
designs and products that are innovative and unique.

Offering competitive insight

Sainsbury’s as business has to know what is going on with
their competitors and what they are doing that is new this is because they do
not want to fall behind with trends or new ideas. Other business like Tesco
also does the same thing with Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s has to make sure they do
regular research. As Sainsbury’s is a massive business that has been in
business for years they have a large amount of funds this is why they have a
section in their marketing department based on trying to find out what other
supermarkets are doing and what is working for them. Sainsbury’s is in a very
competitive market this is why it is vital for them to do this.


Where does Sainsbury’s source its information from? And
are they reliable?

Sainsbury’s sources their information with internal sources
these are sources from people or parts of the business. Sources may come from
finance as this department will have the businesses profit and loss account and
how the business is doing overall financially. Sources may also come from sales
as this department will have information on customer sand how much sales the
business is producing. Human resources departments will also have
information  on how staffing is and the
training of staff this will help the business to see if they are understaffed
and will also help see what the training is needed and what is their staff
turnover. The production department will have production costs statistics and
other product in the future. The marketing department will have information on
their research based on trends and what is new products have been introduced as
well general information on the market. The customer service department will
have information on how customers are feeling about their service and the
business in a whole as well as finding out what peoples complaints are.

External sources such as government sources are also very
useful the business however they may be slightly less reliable. Government
sources are supplied by the office of national statistics as well as the
Department of Trade and Industry. The trade groupings this when groups of
business which run similar types of business, these are reps of the industry.
They can then act like a pressure group which can cause positives modifications
to the industry. They also product trade journals which give business very
beneficial information. Commercially provided databases are very important as they
give the business an idea of what interest customers as products. This is why
Sainsbury’s has many market department research. Research is when Sainsbury’s
gathers any type of data and is business that is so large like Sainsbury’s will
always being doing more research to gather anything on how the market is,
consumers and workers.





It is very important for a business to have good strategic
management as it can affect the business massively because it allows them to
predict the future of the company and where they are going meaning they can
change something if they feel like the business is going in a bad direction. A
strategic plan has to be made so they can then focus on complete all their long
term objectives as well as their aims.

The departments also do research on many areas such as
promotions and sales and this is done by the marketing team in many ways such
as asking customers to complete surveys. Another role they have is also dealing
with unhappy customers with complaints with products or the business in general
and is a very important part of the business as they responsible for almost all
promotions in the business which is very important for a business like

The finance department have to act depending on how the
business’s cash flow is doing. If the business has excess money they can then
invest it back in the business. The finance department finds out these
statistics by finding out information on the businesses sales and costs. All of
this information is very important so that the business can then make the right
decisions in the future to improve the business. This department is also
responsible for making profit and loss accounts of the business which is very
important to see if the business is doing well. They can then make changes
depending on how they are such as making offers or decreasing prices. 

The finance department are responsible for recording all the
money coming in and out of the business and make sure Sainsbury’s are
maintaining their cash flow. Both marketing departments and finance departments
have to work together at times to make decisions that involve both department
this very important so the business can reach their targets. An example of this
is whenever marketing wants to do research or anything that needs a budget they
will have to ask the finical team if they have money to spare in the budget.