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  Social media- online communication, which based input, interaction, content-sharing and 
collaboration. There are more types of social media, for example: forums, microblogging, 
social networking, social bookmarking, social curation, and wikis. Everyday and night people 
uses social medias, cause they need these to live. 

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 On the one hand, it has some positive sides that helps and other hand negative sides that can 
changes life to worse.

  So, social media is the best way to communicate with people without severities. How we 
lived without it? All our letters took more time than online massages and it took time to road 
and then to answer of collocutor. It was not comfortable way to contact and share some 
important informations and money. For example: facebook is the most popular networking in 
all around the World, number of users are 1,5 billion and scientists have calculated that the 
a user uses social network minimum 3 hours, while he visits his account at least twice for a 

  Second benefit of mass media that it is instrument for self-development. Here you can watch 
educational films, listen to good music, read interesting books, learn foreign languages. In 
public networks, interest groups have been created in which you can find information that
interests you, for example, a video with fitness classes or with guitar lessons.

  Third, social network service is the big area of business. Here you can advertise your online 
shop, a web design studio or a English school. Advertising can be directed to the target 
audience and people who could be interested in these products or services. You can find new 
customers here, multiply the loyalty of regular customers.

  Lets move to negative surface of multiservice is information leak, which disseminates 
information outside the organization, premises, buildings, any territory, as well as a certain 
number of persons who have access to this information. It is big problem, cause it is 
theft of information,  hacking Software.

  The second downside is that a person loses the skill of real communication, 
because used to communicate online. Corresponding in social networks, people often do not 
follow the rules of grammar and punctuation, use lean vocabulary, emotions are replaced by 
emoticons – all this negatively affects communication in the real world.