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Type 1 statistics: 3 million people in the US have type 1 
15000 adults are diagnosed each year
85% of people living with is are adults, the other is children
14.9 billion in healthcare for diabetes

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Type 2 stats: 25.6 million have been diagnosed with type 2
89% are adults, other children
174 billion in healthcare

Insulin: insulin is a hormone created by beta cells in the pancreas. Insulin is to use or store the glucose the body gets from food. Type 1 the pancreas can no longer make insulin because beta cells have been destroyed. People receive insulin shots to help their bodies use glucose from their food. Type 2 the bodies of affected make so much insulin that their cells have become insulin resistant and this causes their body to be unable of taking away glucose from blood stream. 

When dealing with type 2 it has been shown that even if your body makes insulin your body will not respond to it.Some people with type 2 must have fat cells that produce hormone called resistin since it leads to insults resistance. Diabetes is most common among suffering from obesity.

Atkins diet

Pros: you can still eat hearty foods (steak), removes bad carbs, some see cholesterol improvement, lose weight

Cons: doesn’t provide enough carb energy, miss out in nutrients in fruit, veggies, can effect calcium levels, problems can be osteoporosis, hypertension, those who return to carbs usually gain weight back

Herb Ephedra: clinical treatment to lose weight without diet or exercise, energy booster, works with caffeine, reduce hunger, cause dizziness, headaches, nervousness, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, and stroke.

The FDA banned dietary supplements containing ephedrine due to the extreme side effects that came with it. They claimed that it’s effects did not outweigh it’s benefits of short-term weight loss. Many people using it had cardiovascular problems related to taking the drug.






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