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In the story “Shitty First Drafts,” Anne Lamott has a argue that every writer, should write shitty first drafts as an improvement, the writers will produce good second drafts and excellent third drafts. Although Lamott is a good writer in her article, she makes strong suggestions in order to why there is a need for shitty first drafts. To be excellent, the writer has to allow the words and ideas to reduce. More importantly, the first drafts should be a child’s draft, where you can let everything out and play it all over. Additionally, the draft accepts no certain to the writing practices. To demonstrate, Lamott tells us an event as a food review for California magazine. She goes to a restaurant several times with different friends and just starts writing words. Even more she has great characteristic words that were interesting or funny, also she goes to her desk gets all of her notes and does her review. In addition, a writer should get a paper and just start writing down anything or something, then make a second effort to make something good, combine those together, all the drafts into one that lends all of her ideas together assembles for one shitty first drafts. Finished overhauling, Lamott assures that she is able to go through her scratch of work for a good second draft. From there on she will go through the second draft and modify for an excellent third draft. Lamott says that having a downdraft where you write everything on paper, an updraft revising with you install wrote for a good second draft, and a dental draft, the finished overhauling form will turn out terrific third drafts. She argues the need to let go and just write shitty first drafts, that lead to an idea and excellent in our second and third drafts.

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