P.E Issue Analysis Essay

Should Salary caps be introduced into the English Premier League to make it more than a four team competition? Since the beginning of the English Premier League there have been four major football teams which consist of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. In the last twenty years Manchester United have bagged twelve Premier League championships, Chelsea have won two, Liverpool have won two and Arsenal have won three. Other than Blackburn Rovers no other premier league football team has been able to even shake the outcome of the ladder and the dominance of these four teams cannot be underestimated.

In recent times there has been talk about the English Premier League being a four team competition that is not nearly a fair competition as not all teams compete equally. In order to make this more even many people believe that a salary cap should be introduced so that the richer clubs cannot simply buy their way to a premiership. However, others disagree as the English Premier league strives to be the best and most entertaining football league in the world.

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If a salary cap is introduced the quality of players in England will decrease significantly because they will sign at another club in a different country who are willing to pay a lot more for their talent. This will threaten the amount of supporters and TV deals the league will receive which is currently the main source of income. Adam Barr, an experienced Football journalist located in the Bleacher Report stated “What I think should happen is all of the Premier League Clubs’ money should be reduced.

I believe it is a bit early to jump straight to a salary cap, but something definitely has to change to make the competition more even” Adam then goes on to say that if all of the premier league clubs reduce all their income by once percent this money should then be distributed to league one and two teams. He says this will not have a massive impact on most of the team in the premier league is it is not a large sum. But with this money being given to the lower clubs, it will help benefit the future of the premier league in the long run.

Adam states “Small grants to lower league teams to be used to improve the infrastructure of their football clubs and invest in their young players. This improvement in lower league teams’ ability to train potential football stars would eventually create an environment where the overall quality of players in all leagues would be raised. ” This increase in quality throughout all leagues in England will eventually trickle through the premier league clubs. I believe

English clubs will then not have to bring in big money foreigners but simply look into the championship and select the top quality players there. This is a brilliant idea to help start making the English premier league more fair and entertaining as the competition will be based around more than four “big named” teams. As you are miles over the word count, I would suggest removing most if not all of this. At least trim it down. Steve Soldweldel a well known recent football manager and football journalist is all towards the talk about introducing a salary cap into the English Premier League.

Steve believes that every team and all supporters except those of which barrack for Manchester United would benefit from a salary cap and budget when it comes to signing overseas players. Being EPL champions should come down to more than just how much money the owner of the club has. For example the owner of Manchester City Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan who is also the president of Arab United Emirates brought 23 billion dollars to the club, and is said that the Al Nahyan family has access to over one trillion dollars.

Since Sheikh Khalifa took over Manchester City they have been interested and made large offers to over fifty of the world’s top footballers, with money like this it surely would not be hard to put together a world class soccer team. So what a large majority of football supporters and experts want is a salary cap which will budget the amount of money clubs can spend on signing new superstars to their club, Steve states ”A salary cap would force all teams to compete under the same constraint. We could reign in the big contracts being offered far and wide to get every star player under the sun into the same kit. Surely this is not the only way of being EPL champions when you consider Dimitar Berbatov and Roy Keene who Manchester United and Liverpool spent a mint on and have been an absolute bust. At the end of the day something has to be done, there is an obvious dominance in the league because of money and eventually this problem must be solved, over one hundred games played in the EPL have no meaning and the outcome of these games do not matter one bit to the ladder, is this really entertainment and should the best football league in the world have this problem?

Although the idea for a salary cap being introduced into the English premier league seems to be flawless some people do still disagree with the suggestion. People believe that if a salary cap is introduced it is going to ruin the best league in the world. The English Premier League is well known all over the world to be the most exciting football league in the world, this is because of the large range and variety of world class footballers. If you impose a limit on the amount of money clubs can spend on signing new players it will make the quality of the league dramatically drop.

This is because the best players in the world are going to move country where they can get paid top price for their rare talent. The English Premier league should not force a salary cap unless the rest of the world does the same otherwise the excellence of the EPL will not be half as good as it is now. Another argument against the topic is that people believe money is still not the factor which is winning the big clubs championships as Manchester City have the most money in the competition and are still not coming close to the top four of the ladder. Although recent statistics do not agree.

Explain? The best Footballers in the world should be paid top price as they are the best at what they do and should be rewarded for the sacrifices that they have made to become the player that they are. If salary caps are introduced these players will be like every other player. This seems unfair, so why change now. At the end of the day why change something after so long. The Competition is still rated the best football league in the world. The EPL is also the most watched, entertaining and skilful league which contains the best footballers ever to play the game.

So why would you change the aspect of the EPL. I believe the English Premier League should stay the way it is and tradition should be kept the same. Word Count 1171 Arguments for a salary cap http://bleacherreport. com/articles/195041-money-in-the-epl-and-where-it-should-go http://bleacherreport. com/articles/94101-should-salary-caps-be-brought-into-football http://blogs. nypost. com/sports/soccer/archives/2009/04/time_for_an_epl. html Arguments against a salary cap Manchester United’s signings Berbatov was signed for 27 million pounds Carlos Tevez was signed for 20 million pounds

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