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Over the past years, technology has been changing rapidly. In addition people are trying to get used to these technological changing. The impact that this has on the society is substantial in both negative and positive ways. Devoloped countries can keep pace with faster these developments. Technological developments significant for humanity in all fields, specially education. Technology has the power to transform how people learn. Further more in this writing we handle the impact of the development of media technologies on higher education.Technology is playing inevitable role in our life. Higher education in progress with technological developments, if you are wondering how, you will see some ways to prove this thesis. Today students has their own freedom out of the classroom .The norm has beeing study by technology. Technology has pass a major revolution, higher education is becoming more powerful. Everybody knows to there is some style of learning, every student has different  style of learning we can seperate this with visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Visual students has better understand for example with video (streaming and live). For example higher education students use videos presented by their teacher or they can find on youtube some source about their lesson subject. Subject narrative videos are really useful and helpful for students, it helps to students visualize and stratch the subject. However, they can easily acces the videos with youtube channel. Thanks to these videos students understand the subject more efficently. In the college most university has technological tools and students easily acces these tools. In this way they take a step forward in life. On the other hand some sites opened for students for help their school life for example some sites such as itslearning ois etc. helps to student organize. These programs include everything in content e.g students assesments records, quizs, some slides, homeworks and courses progrmas etc. In the same  time online lessons are so populer, in your home you can easily listen your lesson with group of class lively. By the way one of the most invention is e-book. It is indispensable part of higher education students in their life. E-books has a lot of positive effect. For instance it is easy to access these books, some of them are free so you can easily download in your computer without fear of copyright violation. You don’t have to spent your money to books, most e-books are free and the others are cheaper than books because it isn’t require to papers for printing the content. In the same time e-books eco-friendly way to read books, e-books do not require cutting of trees as they are devoid of papers. It is portable you can carry a whole library with you so it take up less space etc. And the other huge impact of development of media technologies is global learning. Everybody knows we are living on global world and all of us trying to be part of this global world and technologys one of the aim is bring people closer together. Global learning is possible with technological developments. There is examples like erasmus, exchasnge programs etc but unfortunetly eveybody cant go so technology activated in this point. Global knowledge networks helps students realize the power of “collective intelligence”with where information is collected and analyzed. In addition with some sites students can acces the language lessons with native speakers who live in another country and attend the lesson via videoconferencing . Virtual discuss commonly used for online teaching and learning. Today, language exchange is as easy as videoconferencing. It is also provides more freedom to students for interact with each other when working on assessments and projects. In the technology big revolution is computers and tablets invention. Their software is flourishes day by day. It has effect in every field and this affect is pretty strong in education too. In the college, computers are so assist to students especially some department course use computers in almost every lesson. Tablets are small computer functions. It is so easy for students to carry tablets from class to class. They use them to seamlessly access textbook and other course material as needed. Students can learn life skills with using technology. Creating presentation, learning to differentiate reliable from unreliable sources on the Internet, maintaining proper online etiquette, and writing emails; these are all beneficial information for students before the graduation. Eventually, we all living 21th century. It’s a digital world and we can not go back 19th century so we have to know how we live with technology today with the best way. On the Internet there is click survey, groups of student answers to the one question and final results shows to students need or interest. Interactive whiteboards are sufficent part of class , a teacher can create engaging lessons that focus on one task such as matching activities where students use their fingers or a pen to match items. Whiteboards include too many things such as multimedia lessons,presentations,colloborative problem solving,virtuel field trips,recorded lessons for substitude teacher etc. However it is very useful for students to make effective lesson. These types of tehnological developments enhancing to student succes. Except this one better usage of learning agents, artificial intelligence, web-based learner profiles and intelligent systems provided by technologyAs a result of we live in a technology age and we can not escape from that. We have to use it in the most useful way. As technology developed,education improved, for the future it is also important to   young people who in the age of university to become succesful individuals. The impact of the development of media technologies on higher education can not incontrovertible. 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