Our effective teacher to possess. On top of all

Our book, Effective Teaching Methods: Research-Based Practice by Dr. Gary D.
Borich is an effective source when studying teaching methods.  This book was also the textbook for another teacher’s
education class in my undergraduate degree from Texas A, TEFB 324.  I noticed that after reading the first
chapter of the book, “The Effective Teacher,” and reading the article posted on
Blackboard, “The Effective Teacher,” that both articles are almost
identical.  Both the article and the chapter
are mainly about effective teachers and what makes them so effective.  The article and book explain that teachers
were originally thought to be effective if they were considered good role
models and good citizens in the community.  This is still the case, but
more than being a role model goes into being an effective teacher.  I believe an effective teacher has
characteristics of a good role model in the community but also gets positive
results from their students.  The effective teacher strives to teach in a
student-centered way, where the needs of the student come first leading to
better classroom engagement.  They value whether or not a student is learning
a subject and they cater to that student’s learning needs.  The article
and our book list the five key behaviors that make an effective teacher: their
lessons are clear and easy to understand, they teach lessons using a variety of
methods, they are very task-oriented and stay on subject, they engage the
students in the learning process, and they have a high student success rate.  Both the book and the article also speak
about the five helping behaviors of effective teachers: they use student’s
ideas and contributions in their lessons, they structure their lessons to
reinforce learned content and already learned content, they ask questions of
the students to lead the discussions, they probe the students to expand on
their answers to questions, and they are enthusiastic/develop positive
teacher-student relationships to facilitate learning.  I feel that these are all good attributes for
an effective teacher to possess.  On top
of all of this, the effective teacher should be flexible and able to adapt to
different students learning styles, as students can learn differently.