Organizational Behavior in Health Care: Case Study Essay

Fixing Staff for Passage

Harmonizing to Borkowski in her book on Organizational Behavior in wellness attention, she depicts the legion alterations that persons are anticipated to portray in instances of a alterations in an entity. The country that the book has concentrated on more specifically is on the wellness organisations. Through the first three subtopic viz.

, diverseness in wellness attention, attitudes and perceptual experiences in add-on to workplace communicating, she has focused her attending to supplying the readers with concise and clear overview from a wellness attention director ‘s point of position. This peculiar cognition will be helpful in sketching the important countries concerned in fixing staff passage when unifying Springdale wellness organisation with St Mary ‘s HMO.Among the figure of facets that an organisational behaviour particularly in a wellness puting looks into include diverseness, motive, emphasis, power, leading, direction, group kineticss and ways of nearing direction alterations ( Borkowski, 2010 ) . Borkowski has expounded adequately on each factor and how it can be approached and addressed. At the same clip the writer has presented, larning aims, a figure of activities like ratings and self assessment exercisings and instance surveies in each chapter to increase the readers ‘ comprehension on the different thoughts that have been tackled in the chapter.To state that this text is non helpful to scholars is an violation ; the text is arranged in a manner that helps convey out the thoughts and facts in an ordered organized mode that helps increase the comprehension of the readers. Both practical brushs and the theoretical parts of the book aid convey out the asperity doing it really applicable and appropriate to pupils both at the undergraduate and station alumnus degrees of instruction ( Borkowski, 2010 ) .Apart from the pupils, wellness attention troughs are provided with a critical penetration on groking the kineticss and jobs that are deemed to be encountered at the work topographic point.

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The book therefore provides a solution into how different thoughts should be approached in order to increase an organisations chance of accomplishing set marks and ends.Through this apprehension, workers morale is improved and this leads to an addition in productiveness. The book besides provides patterns and theories essential for wellness organisations. It is therefore incontestable to state that the thoughts brought frontward by this text in respect to meeting and satisfying changeless organisational behaviours that are disputing modern organisations. The text presents us with a myriad that confronts modern wellness organisations and how to successfully near such cases.

Diversenesss in workplaces

Diverseness in work topographic points is one of the issues that the organisations should take into considerations if their organisations have to execute optimally. Diversity in work topographic points involves the differences that are exhibited by the employees of the company.

The differences as portrayed by the employees of the organisations are harmonizing to the race associations of the employees, the gender, spiritual religion professed, disablements, sexual orientation, physical visual aspect and the nationality.The diverseness in the topographic points of work can be used as strength to the organisation since people would come with the thoughts that are meant to better the public presentation of the organisation and therefore enable the organisation to run into its ends and aims. On the other manus diverseness can be a beginning of failure to the organisation particularly where the direction does non work to admit different political orientations brought to the organisations.

The direction of the organisation should come with ways to forestall possible struggles in the organisation as a consequence of the diversenesss exhibited by it employees ( Borkowski, 2010, pp.15 ) .In many organisations today they acknowledge that the diverseness in the organisation is the beginning of success to the organisation. It would be absurd for the organisation to engage people who thing likewise because the coevalss of thoughts would be limited and therefore blue public presentation of the company would be recorded. In order for the organisation to tap the benefits brought by the diverseness of their work force, the organisation should be geared towards organizing diverse-work-relationship which is of import to guarantee the success of the organisation.For the passage plan to be successful, both Springdale wellness organisation and St Mary ‘s HMO ought to come with the plans that are meant to honor diversenesss in work topographic points for case organize cultural carnivals to admit people of different civilizations that are present in the organisation, have maternal foliages in order to enable adult females in the organisation have clip to nurse their kids and besides have a manner of honoring accomplishments and particular endowments possessed by the organisation for case through occupation publicities, pecuniary wages and acknowledgment of the person as holding played an of import function in the success of the company ( Mathis, 2007 ) .

Workplace communicating

Effective communicating is of import in the organisation merely like in any relationship. In an organisation the takes topographic point every other clip in signifier of publishing order to the employees of the company by the direction or through the communicating of the study or findings of a give assignment to the direction by the employees of the company. Therefore for the concern organisations to guarantee it successes in the industry, it should be in a place to guarantee accurate, relevant and timely information is passed to the intended parties for determination devising.In the organisation the communications is made to different stakeholders invariably.

Importantly the concern is in communicating with its employees. Communicationss can either be from the direction giving policies to be implemented by the employees. On the other manus communicating can be from the employees of the organisations pass oning the findings of the assignment given by the direction of the organisation. Lack of the effectual communications between the direction the employees can take to the defeats and killing morale and therefore blue public presentation of the organisation.The concern is in communications with its clients when it wants to pass on on the bringing of goods to the clients, for case. Like the clients of the organisation communicate with the organisation when they are puting orders, want to do payments for the goods supplied and when they want to lodge complains to the company.

The organisation is besides in communicating with its providers of the natural stuffs to the company. When the company devises effectual communications with all the stakeholders, it ensures success in the organisations ; the effectual communicating is paramount in guaranting the company meets its ends ( Borkowski, 2010, pp.72 ) .There are many beginnings of deficiency of communications or presence of hapless communicating in the organisation. In the organisations presents, deficiency of clear instructions from the direction to the employees on the achievement of the undertakings remains to be the major beginning of job in the organisation. It is hapless to observe that employees of the company lack the information they need to transport out a given undertaking in this epoch where information is flooded in the society. When the instructions are non clear, the employees fail to execute that undertaking and therefore the organisation fails to run into its ends and aims.

Effective communicating in the organisation is hindered by among other issues by the direction making a contributing environment where the information can be shared freely.Employees fear that when their portion information in the organisation would be reprimanded or intimidated and therefore choose to maintain quit instead than travel through a demeaning ordeal. The direction should come with the honoring systems that encourage the employees of the company to portion their thoughts and therefore taking to betterment in working conditions and therefore success of the organisation.Another beginning of hapless communicating in the organisation is the struggles among employees themselves. Employees of the company may non be in good footings with other employees and therefore suppress sharing of the thoughts. It is hence the exclusive duty of Springdale wellness organisation and St Mary ‘s HMO organisation to come up with systems that guarantee the employees portion information they have among each other and besides avoid cases that would take to struggles for case specifying functions of every employee as defined in public presentation contract and besides in organisational construction.

Leadership Manners

Kippenberger, ( 2002 ) says leading trades with how much a individual can act upon and actuate people. Some have considered leading to be unconditioned, this implies that leaders are born ; others have disputed this fact and have termed it to a blazing prevarication stating that leaders are made.

Despite all this contradictions, they all agree that leaders are people who have the ability to steer and act upon people towards accomplishing stipulated ends with the most effectual agencies. How one becomes a successful leader is non defined by oneself or those above you, the people who define successful leaders are those under you. The grade of influence you inculcate in them towards a given way is what will specify how successful you are as a leader ( pp.110 ) .A figure of leading manners have been forwarded. A leading manner trades with the attack and mode of nearing, implementing and act uponing a given group f people.

The different leading manners are applicable to different organisations and groups of people. This therefore means that, a manner that is really fruitful in one organisation may or may non be applicable to another organisation or a given group of persons. The different manners therefore are applied to different entities and state of affairss. Three types of leading manners have been established and can be used by leaders depending on the state of affairs at manus ( Kippenberger, 2002, pp.110 ) . Most leaders although, operate with one dominant leading manner with the others coming ready to hand depending on the demand.Paton & A ; McCalman ( 2008 ) considers bossy leading manner to be used in giving waies and ultimatums.

Leaderships frequently employ such a manner when they are directing their employees on what they want them to make and the manner it should be done. This manner is really appropriate in instances when there is an exigency and the leader wants to work out a given jobs, when one is short of clip and in cases when the leaders have managed to actuate their employees good. In some state of affairss, a figure of persons have considered this leading manner as a shouting vehicle, where the leader is to utilize really humbling words and linguistic communication to employees and even maltreatment of power. This in respect to concern can non be termed to as the autocratic type of leading but an unprofessional manner that has no topographic point in the leading repertory ( pp.

119 ) .The other leading manner is referred to as the democratic leading. This leading manner is involves the employees being included in the determination devising procedures because all the procedures made in an entity will impact the people in one manner or the other. The manner allows the employees to place what they will make and how. Despite the employees being allowed to convey their sentiments and suggestions in to the determination devising procedure, the leader is the 1 with the concluding say and maintains the concluding authorization sing all the determinations.When such a manner is applied, many have considered it a failing, instead it is a strength where the leader has the assurance the employees will be able to esteem the democratic procedure and the determination arrived at. The democratic leading manner is applicable in instances where both parties have information i.

e. the leader has some pieces while the other pieces are held with the employees ( Kippenberger, 2002, pp.114 ) . Employers do non hold to cognize everything, and this is the ground as to why employers employ people who are knowing and skilled. It is besides applicable in makes the employees fell portion and package of all the projects in the house and therefore they watch their full individual moves.

Last, the 3rd leading manner is the free reign or the delegative leading manner. The employees in this leading manner are allowed to do and get at their ain determinations. Despite this, the leader is still in charge of everything and he makes the concluding call on determinations made. The manner is applicable in instances where the employees have the competences to analyse a state of affairs and come up appropriate determinations and what to be done.

It involves deputation of responsibilities since you can non be able to make every thing.

Groups and Teams

In add-on, both Springdale wellness organisation and St Mary ‘s HMO, should endeavor to pull off both the squads and the work groups. It should be acknowledged that all squads are a signifier of work group but non all work groups are squads. There are three types of work groups viz. ; dependent work groups, independent work group and mutualist work group.

Dependent work group are under the control of the supervisors who control the whole group. Independent work groups are besides under the control of the supervisor but the supervisor is the foreman as it is the instance in dependent work group. In mutualist work group, the members of the group rely on one another to hold a certain undertaking accomplished.The organisation should guarantee that the members of the work force work as a group in order to recognize full potency of all workers in the organisation. In this epoch where the organisations emphasize on the division of labour and specialisation, an employee to execute in the are where they are best talented in, the organisation should guarantee that that every employee carry out a specific undertaking in the group in order to hold the maximal benefits for the full organisations.

Attitudes and Percepts

Though alteration is really inevitable, workers reacts to the thought with really assorted reactions.

This is because alteration in any establishment or status will hold to change a thing or two. Particularly with the current concern environment, entities are geared towards achieving planetary criterions for their endurance. With the alteration taking topographic point in organisations, there is a contemplation on the emotions and psychological reactions of the labour force as they try to come up with opposition steps of the phenomenon. This means that if non good approached, a batch opposition shall be exhibited by the labour force.A really important point sing alteration is that it can non be forced down the people ‘s pharynxs ( Borkowski, 2010, pp.

41 ) . Change is accompanied by a figure of thoughts. There are those who may put on the line fring their occupations, there may be the restructuring of the full organisation taking to being transferred to other sections and there may be complete new leaders who may come into the entity.

Change in organisations has wholly been identified as the cause for depressions and emphasis among the workers in an entity.Borkowski ( 2010 ) asserts that the hazards that accompany alteration are really fatal than any other concern project. Change the norms of an entity and seeking to follow an unknown way. This therefore requires a batch of religion and holding the trust that something better will take topographic point. Workers believe that with alteration, they will free their entire control over the things they used to make in an entity. Taking a faithful spring among the employees is non an easy thing and most do non hold the bravery to take such hazards, so the best they can make is seek to defy the alterations ( pp.

42 ) .

Motivational schemes

The employees of the company should be good motivated in order to better their public presentation in order for the realisation of the ends of the organisation. The employee should be appreciated and therefore experience to be portion and package of the organisation ; employees are one of the most valuable plus in the organisations and they should be handled good to guarantee that the organisation attains its ends. There are motivational schemes that have being identified that direction of the organisation could utilize to guarantee that the employees are good motivated. One of the motivational schemes is team work ; the direction should organize work group with the hope that the peer force per unit area among the employees would better the public presentation of the organisation.Team work as a motive scheme has worked efficaciously since every employee would desire to work hard to run into the outlooks of other members of his group instead than the outlooks of their supervisors. The 2nd motivational scheme available to the organisation is the personal engagement ; the direction of the organisation should let the employees to be involved in puting their criterions.

The employees should be allowed to do committedness of what they intend to accomplish in the organisation, this would give the employees the ardor to achieve the ends they have set for themselves. Work sweetening is another motivational scheme ; the work is constructions in the organisation in such a manner that it has fulfillment to the employees.Management can actuate workers by publishing to them wagess either in signifier of pecuniary things or non pecuniary goods ; this would do the employees to work hard in order to reimburse the awards offered by the direction.

The direction besides petition for the common exchanges as a manner of motive ; the direction may make some favour to the employee for the return of a given degree of public presentation. The direction can besides put a competitory wages for the employees in signifier of a award ; the employees would work hard in order to have the award. And in conclusion the direction can penalize or bring down fright to the employees to guarantee public presentation ; the employee who does non public presentation is suspended of despoiled and therefore the employees would work hard to avoid such penalty ( Brehm, 2004, pp.119 ) .

Resistance to Change

There are a figure of grounds that may do people to defy alteration. Some of the grounds are associated with the normal norms of the old house and the people who would wish to be identified by the old ways of the house ( Tobin, 2009, pp.30 ) . Peoples are identified as societal existences, through this, we would wish to stay affiliated and connected to some things and people particularly those whom we know, those who we have learnt from and those that we are familiar with. It is this sort of royalty that helped our ascendants to support themselves ands hunt ( Kippenberger, 2002, pp.

224 ) . And to demo its consequence, we are much glued to those whom we know and resist any signifier of alteration that may look to compromise these state of affairss.Second, there may be opposition to alter amongst the people of a given organisation due to missing function theoretical accounts in the new assignments that one is expected to take up. Through observation, one earns a batch and cognizing that you will ne’er hold this learning chance compromises an single devising him resist alterations.

Tobin ( 2009 ) views deficiency of competency in new undertakings to besides take to alter opposition. New undertakings may necessitate new thoughts, accomplishments and cognition and this may do people non to let alteration to take topographic point in an entity. This is particularly if they perceive the alterations as a danger to their being and occupation security. For case, in the meeting in the instance survey above, it is clearly put that some employees will hold to free their occupations while others will be incorporated to other sections. This is a clear indicant that alteration can ne’er be welcomed into an organisation if the employee considers the hazards intolerable ( pp.30 ) .


In decision, the direction of Springdale wellness organisation and St Mary ‘s HMO should manage their employees good to guarantee that the organisation has met its ends and aims. It should be noted that the employees of the company are the most of import assets of any organisation and that they should be managed efficaciously to guarantee that the organisations perform optimally.The direction of the organisation should acknowledge that the diverseness among the employees is the strength that should be exploited for the benefit of the organisation. The direction should guarantee effectual communicating in the organisation, sharing of relevant, seasonably and accurate information to all stakeholders in the organisations should be ensured for determinations doing. The direction should guarantee that the employees of the organisation are good motivated and therefore guarantee public presentation.