Organisation Development And Human Resources Management Essay

The ageing population is a immense concern when it comes to organisational development and Human resources. All organisation from the little concern to the large organisation has or will cover with issues originating from the lift of the pension eligibility age. In my work, I have pointed out some keys countries where employers have to give their best attending such as intergenerational struggle, the ripening challenge, favoritism and besides I have describes some schemes or recommendation which could be use by any employers. My work was chiefly based on Internet articles and besides books about human resources and organisational development.


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Today in Australia, harmonizing to the Australian exchequer, the Australian population is acquiring older, for two chief grounds which are a high lessening in birth rate since the late 1960 ‘s and besides because the population is populating longer, the life anticipation today is 78 and will be about 83 in 2043 harmonizing to the IGR ( Intergenerational study, 2002 ) . The authorities is now facing economic issues sing their pension strategy.

Because of the ageing population the cost of their pension strategy will be excessively high and so, under Rudd ‘s authorities, the pension eligibility was lift from 65 to 67, which means that workers will work longer. In the context of Human resource this determination has some of import organizational deductions that employers and directors must cognize how to undertake the job of ageing workers.

1 – The ripening challenge

Harmonizing to Keese, ( 2006 ) there are 30 states who are members of the OECD and none of them have successfully tackled the job of the ageing population. Some of them have started to undertake the job and have implemented policies that encourage older worker to work. Peter Promnitz, part caput of Mercer Asia/Pacific, (, 2010 ) has another position of the ageing population. In his article “ The following GFC: our ageing population ” , Promnitz says that it is of import that employers take action across their employee ‘s lifetime, non merely towards the terminal. He besides recommends that companies must take action during the enlisting, the keeping and retirement.

Recruitment: Companies should advance for and pulling older employees.

As cited by Promnitz, ‘successful concerns will besides retain the experience and cognition of older workers by being originative and flexible in their work patterns with a willingness to redefine the occupation where necessary and efficaciously pull off retirement passages ‘

Retention: Employers are concerned about the health-care effect of enrolling older employees. Absenteeism and disablement are so greater with the older group. The challenge for director will be to make a work environment and a occupation design, which can set together wellness, issues, preparation, environment and the undertakings required.

Retirement: Employers need to concentrate on fixing their employees retirement. It is an of import portion that if employees are traveling to work longer they besides need the insurance of being looked after by their employers. Fixing passage program with older employees will do the retirement procedure easier and more efficient.

Besides, affecting immature employee into the old-age pension program will be really valuable. By making so, the immature employees will cognize what to and what to be after about their hereafter. Even if it looks like a far measure for them, it will assist them to put up fiscal ends in the position of retirement.

The ageing population is a sensitive job, increase the age of pension eligibility age, lifting revenue enhancements to cover the wellness attention cost of older people, are merely stairss from authorities to salvage money and diminish the cost but ageing population is more than merely money and age. It is besides a affair of coevalss, stereotypes, values and engineering. Those affairs are daily jobs for the administration, because their employees will work longer directors have to be cognizant of any issues that could originate within the company and take responsible and specific actions and policies to do the work topographic point more convenient for the older employees every bit good as other.

It needs to be considered that the different industries might move otherwise to this age pension lift. Will be easier to manage the job for some industries and might be harder for other ( E.g labour industry, when older employees can hold Health issues as they get older and would n’t be able to make the occupation as required ) . Though, companies must be able to replace them or happen them another occupation, create one within the company where they will be utile and considered as a good plus.

2 – Intergenerational struggle

Due to the ageing population the difference between the immature coevals and the old one can be a cause of struggle within the organisation. From a Human resource point of position, it is indispensable to understand the value and attitudes of each coevals. In her article, Donna Harrison, ( 2010 ) says that the boomers are know to be loyal to the employer, accepting the “ concatenation of bid ” leading and like a stable work environment.

They are besides more willing to see their salary as a wages from their experience, trueness and cognition. However, the coevals X and Y are more flexible and single. The coevals X is more focussed on holding a good work/life balance and like personal accomplishment. The coevals Y is more educated, High skilled when it comes to engineering and more willing to go and be portion of the planetary small town.

By admiting that, directors must understand that each coevals have their ain ends, vary from individual to individual. Besides, struggle can originate between each coevals. It ‘s a hazard for the organisation that can impact the productiveness and the results. Intergenerational factors have to be managed by manager/Human resource section to guarantee the efficiency of the workplace. The older employee can be seen as more stiff and more immune to alter by the immature coevals, nevertheless their cognition and experience is valuable in the workplace. They can anticipate jobs before they arise and can cover with them in a mature mode.

And that is where the organisation has to be present. Using their cognition and experience to back up the younger coevals who is still larning. On the other side, the younger coevals is more originative and more suited to the modern universe, which means that they can besides set their income into the workplace. Even if the older people have to work longer, the key to a successful work environment and avoid struggle between coevalss, is to make a workplace where each coevals can learn something to the other and do them work together alternatively of single. Every coevals is of import, every person is of import and if the Human Resource manages it good, the productiveness and the work environment will be improved. Pull offing the intergenerational tenseness will make many positives results within the organisation.

Deciding tensenesss between the coevalss in the workplace is a immense undertaking, but there is besides another issue lifting from an ageing population, which is favoritism.

3 – Discrimination

Discrimination is still common in the workplace and many people are still kicking about it. In this instance of ageing population, the job is between employers/employees or occupation searchers. Harmonizing to the Australian right committee, ( 2009 ) , they have identified the common favoritisms that older people are confronting in Australia when it comes to Human resource and organisational development. The first job is that their have jobs happening occupation, employers do n’t wan to engage them due to their age and the myth about old people is still present. For old employees, they are normally confronting jobs when it comes to publicity or accessing preparation where the younger people are preferred. So, how can this be resolved? How can we do an employer willing to engage an old individual or to advance or give them entree to preparation?

Here, the authorities and employers have to work together. If older people have to work longer they must be able to happen a occupation regardless of their age but more on their experience. It comes back to what Promnintz said about making occupation for older people. A good illustration will be a Marketing company who will necessitate employees from the babe boomer coevals to aim consumer from the same coevals. They will be more suited to happen a good merchandise than the younger coevals.

Another organisational deduction will be to give support to the bing employees. Promote them, alter their occupation activity or supply them with preparation to maintain them up to day of the month and able to follow the engineering and resources used by the company. Many options can be used to keep the older people in the company. Employers must give more attending to their older employee.

With the planetary fiscal crisis and large lessening of the Superfund program older people are willing to work more and can non afford to retire. They can non be left on the side. Employers need to retain their older employees and even if possible create new occupation places for old people.

4 – Retaining/Engaging Schemes

Organization must come up with schemes to keep or retain their older employees. Companies start to recognize the positive results of using a mature work force ( Elizabeth Allen, 2009 ) . Motivation is the key to keep older worker public presentation ( Chay, Aryee & A ; Chew 1995 ) . Satisfaction and motive are besides keys factor for older people, they have to happen satisfaction and motive in what they are making. They have to be able to develop them egos. Other manner to keep and maintain old people is to give them specific assignment, preparation, engineering classs and offering them to learn or back up the immature coevals. Many ways are available to do them valuable assets for the company.

Besides, older coevals is non ever willing to alter or to transform their stable environment. That is why, and it is besides a portion of the myth, that they have problems happening occupation or have publicities. Baby boomers like stable environment and that is one thing that can halt directors from engaging them or back uping them. In a universe of changeless alteration and competitory market companies has to be up to day of the month and ever ready to alter. So even if managers/employers are willing to alter their policies or take new enterprises, the babe boomers must recognize that they besides have their duties for the alteration and recognize that they have to larn new accomplishments in order to remaining a valuable plus for the company.

For illustration, the usage of the engineering ( Computers, Internet, Intranet, PDAs. ) is critical for companies. The Y coevals is known to hold the best cognition when it comes to engineering merely because they grow at the clip as engineering takes topographic point in our lives. In fact, the babe boomers are seen to be a measure behind when it comes to computing machine and the Internet universe. But is it truly true that babe boomers are still loath to the engineering or is it merely a myth?

Research workers from Deloitte, an international management-consulting house might hold the reply. In their last paper, called “ Gen-Y-ers, Baby Boomers & A ; engineering: Worlds Apart? ” their findings show that the geographics influences more than the age. Besides, another survey from Forrester Research shows that “ more than 60 per centum of those in this generational group actively consume socially created content like web logs, pictures, podcasts, and forums. What ‘s more, the per centum of those take parting is on the rise ” . So what does that mean for Employers? It means that passing a portion of their budget into presenting the engineering to their older employees is non a waste of money.

Of class their degree of understanding might non be every bit high or as fast scholar as the younger coevals but their engagement will be as effectual. Employers must understand that their older employees must non be left a side and that they must be taking attention of every bit much as the immature employees. Training all the coevalss will convey positive results to the employers. Training support offered by the employers will be really of import, even if they have to retrain some of the staff, at the terminal, the whole company will be the victor. It is a win/win state of affairs where both sides must recognize their duties and take actions. Communication and working together will be the key to the success.

Pathos Leadership Group ( ) proposes 5 schemes to prosecute and retain babe boomers in the organisation:

* Time, Time, Timeaˆ¦ See What ‘s Become of Me! ” Baby boomers valued their clip, clip is really of import for them and that ‘s something that the organisation needs to understand ( E.g. , Time off )

* Act Green Locallyaˆ¦ Go Green Globally ” : Give them clip for community services within the organisation or outside the organisation. They will come back recharged and motivated.

* Wrap It Upaˆ¦ I ‘ll Take It ” : flexibleness while working on undertakings to take part on specific faculties that highlight their expertness, alternatively of the full undertaking.

* Send in the Clowns ” : Supplying the chance to pick/chose their agenda, every bit good as where they work, their productiveness will bloom

* People Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend ” : Install a mentorship ( or training ) plan where the wisdom of Baby Boomers can be tapped before they depart from the organization.A Simply put, acquire the information from them before they ‘re gone.

Implementing these schemes into the organisation to keep, retain and actuate the employees is extremely recommended. Taking actions is of import for organisation to confront the challenge of an ageing population in the workplace.


The chief job of raising the age of the pension age from 65 to 67 is that the ageing population will hold troubles such as happening occupations, acquiring promoted or besides offered developing about new engineering into the workplace. There are many stereotypes environing mature age workers – they are expensive, hard to pull off, wo n’t larn new accomplishments, resist alteration and are non up to day of the month with the new engineering. And these stereotypes are doing it hard for the mature age workers who are non ready for retirement, to happen occupations. Glennis Hanley from Monash University ‘s Deparment of Management believes that there is one thing that need to be understand by the employers and Human Resource Department is that Baby boomers are critical to the work force today and should be promote to maintain working every bit long as they can.

Even if sometimes they are non happy with alterations or transmutation of their environment. Employers and babe boomers have to take their duties and as Hanley says ‘Businesses need to use the broad-based concern experiences of babe boomers to further and reassign cross-generational cognition ” . Every individual employee has a function to play in the organisation and old employees as immature employees have something to convey to the company and to their co-workers. The lift of the pension eligibility is a sensitive country for organisations ; their success will depend on how they implement schemes into their workplace.