Ordinal benefits, the results of this study are also

Ordinal logistic
has been used to identify correlation between motivation and rewards, assuming
95% confidence interval (?=0.05) the p value for testing that the slope term
equals to 0.007, assuming a ?-level of 0.05, because p value 0.007 is less than
0.05 (Minitab,2017), we can conclude that a significant relationship exists
between response variable (job satisfaction) and predictor variables (intrinsic
motivators). There is no significant relationship between response variable
(job satisfaction) and predictor variables bonus, promotion, salary raise and
salary as the p value is 0.275 which is higher than 0.05, therefore we can
conclude that ASML employees are more satisfied by intrinsic benefits than
extrinsic benefits.


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It is vital for organizations to understand that employees are
motivated when they are self- inspired to perform tasks and take pride in the
work they do. Through this study it is highlighted that
employees within ASML are looking for recognition for the contributions they
make, although the sample size is quite small, it can still be used as a base
to further expand the research on full scale within ASML or this research can
me made a part of [email protected] survey. Significant correlation was seen between  job satisfaction  and intrinsic benefits, the results of this
study are also in-line with motivation-hygiene theory by (Herzberg ,1976) and SDT theory (Deci and
Ryan, 1985). Since ASML is investing a lot of time and money is hiring talented
and highly educated people, it is imperative to develop and retain them from an
economical, professional view, also crucial for ASML to grow to a €11 billion
company by 2020. Within ASML “MAKE US GROW” is one of five corporate priorities
for 2018, this corporate strategy not only focuses on growing the size of ASML
but also developing its people to support the projected revenue growth of the
company (ASML,n.d). Suggestions for actions that ASML can take to keep its work
force motivated are given below:

It is quite evident from the
survey results that people want recognition for their work, managers as well as
higher management must look for opportunities to appreciate and recognize
people for their behaviours, activities, methods.

Employees who fail to perform
must be given fair opportunities to be guided and coached, as they also have dignity
and that needs to be respected.

Provide employees with
autonomy, re-working their presentations or micromanaging does not motivate an
employee, managers must learn how to trust their people and provide them with
freedom in how they do their work.

Employees must be given work
that aligns with their skills and interests, employees in the survey clearly
mentioned that they feel satisfied when they succeed at difficult tasks as well
as when have challenging and interesting work.

Although ASML is a
big organization which will attract the best talented, motivated employees that
are vital to ASML’s success, continuous improvements must be made by ASML to
keep it’s work force positive and motivated.

1 Ordinal logistic regression is used to perform logistic
regression on an ordinal response variable. Ordinal variables are categories
that have three or more levels with natural ordering such as strongly disagree,
disagree, neutral, agree, and strongly agree. Parallel regression lines are
assumed and therefore a single slope is calculated for each covariate