One option with the subject in the photograph, if

One think what I have leant about pop art is the use of colour and how that it moves the subject, the use of colour is very important in pop art it helps define the subject to the viewer and allows the viewer to for a connection and an option with the subject in the photograph, if this is done correctly ie using the right colours to complement the photograph then the viewer would understand the photograph and the subject and what it represents, if this is done wrongly then the viewer is left looking confused and hasn’t understood the photograph or art work.




The use of Yayoi Kusama’s 60s work is very intercut and has a wide use of dots in the photograph, depending on the photograph is depending on the colour of the dots if the photograph is black and white then so are the dots if the photograph is colour then they tend to be red dots. This could initiate a number of things such as blood, fire, lust, anger, fear, rage, to make the viewer define and atmosphere for the subject and the photograph its self, this affects how the viewer perceives the subject to be and how the viewer looks over the photographer overall. Yayoi Kusama generally has a basic colour and keeps that basic colour throughout the photograph, this colour would generally be very bright if it’s her later work the use of this bright colour would create a lot of contrast in her photograph if she used a darker colour, she has done this with yellow and black before IE here. As you can see here the use of the contrast and the random effect of the dots compels the photograph and makes it interesting. the atmosphere created by this level of contrast and random dots is somewhat of a violent one, I think this because it reminds me of venom cells in its host, this very thought makes me think of death and this allows for the artwork to create an image in my brain telling me danger. That the fact that the dots have a sharp outline makes the constant defined and sharp throughout the photograph. 

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Yayoi Kusama’s does pop art a minimalistic art as well this allows for a define link between two art movements the use of her pop art and her minimalistic art are very similar, for instance they both use sharp contrasty colours this makes the more attracted to the viewers eye and naturally more interesting through the use of colour.  Yayoi Kusama uses benday dots constantly throughout her work this makes her artwork look naturally passive but through the use of colour and contrast makes it more aggressive than passive.


Most minimalistic  artist focused on what they could create using shapes than what they colour with a paintbrush, they use industrial metals to create the form of art, they did this because it was the most experimental way to create at the time, rather than creating sculptures they created simple 3D shapes like squares and rectangles, the focus on the surface of the object means that the object was left more to the viewer on that the subject meant and how it was perceived. The name minimalistic was founded because of the use of colours as well as the use of shadows and lines were created



Andy wholes work consists of ben-day dots as well the dots which andy wholes used was larger than Roy Lichenstein but offered 3D pieces of art and more contrast because the colours were brighter. Andy wholes used complementary colours as well as seen here this use of the company colours makes the subject look more appealing to the viewer. Andy Whole was somewhat terrible in his are work because as we see her we know that her skin colour isn’t that colour we also know her hair isn’t that shade, but there is a level of realism because Andy Whole hasn’t changed any facial fetchers such as changed the mouth in to something else, he has done this because the viewer won’t be able to relate as well to the subject. The use of the framing is very tight around the subjects head to make the viewer look directly at the subject this stops the viewer’s eye from wandering around the photograph making the focal point on the subject. The main focal point is in the subject’s eyes this is because the subject’s teeth are at a higher exposure than the rest of the photograph. There is the none or very little tone in the photograph this means the photograph is very contrast and that makes it punch and draws the viewer’s eye to the subject as well as making them stand out from the background. the background has a main strip of light at a slightly higher exposure than the other areas of the background this acts as somewhat of a vignette this makes the viewer look and concentrate on the subject more making the focus point more precisely. Andy whole uses complementary colours in his photograph artwork the use of the blue and yellow makes the subject look more attractive and more natural to the viewer. The use of the harsh shadows in the photograph artwork makes the subject look very 3D this allows for more realism to be within the photograph making the subject look more natural and powerful in the photograph.the use of texture in some place in the photograph is very harsh, such as the hair this makes the subject overall look very harsh and sharp, this effects the atmosphere in the photograph as well as the subject. The use of viewpoint in the photograph is slightly lower than the subject this makes the subject very dominate in the photograph adding to the atmosphere creating a person our for the viewer. Andy Wholes use of the rule of 3rds makes the subject look visually pleasing to the viewer.





 Roy Lichtenstein uses bed day dots to convey his artwork the use of these dots are very fine, this makes the overall texture of the photograph look smooth, the overall contrast is high in his artwork this makes the viewer compelled to see the photo and look at the subjects more. The use of compensatory colours between both subjects component the photograph overall this is because the female subject is wearing yellow and the male subject is wearing blue. The use of the colours exposures makes the photograph very contrasty this allows the photograph usually the woman because the has a very pale face and harsh shadows within her hair, this use of line within her eyes makes the subject look powerful and somewhat aggressive. the use of the subjects eye in the photograph makes the woman look like the bigger person compared to the man this is because the woman looks very disconnected this is shown by the use of her chin slightly raised and that the fact she is looking forward when someone is looking at her. The male looks very aggressive and angry this is shown by his eyes and how he is looking at the woman as well as this he is doing the opposite on what the woman is doing an putting his chin down as well as this he is starting at the woman in an aggressive manner. This makes the viewer think that the female subject has made a mistake and the male subject is very disappointed that she has messed up. We can also see the male subject is being very aggressive when he drives, we see this through the use of lines in the artwork, the lines going passed the subject indicates that the male subject is driving fast, I think this is through his aggression because of the conception through to the woman and the woman has these speeding lines going across her face. The use of the lower viewpoint makes both subjects naturally domination over the viewer this naturally makes the photograph more aggressive when the viewer sees it. The use of the window and roof of the car creates a tighter frame around the subjects, the allows the focus point to be more direct and allows for the viewer’s eye to be in a more concentrated place in the photograph making the photograph more effective for the viewer to be interested in the photograph.


The origin or pop art in the area was different than in Brittan the use of pop art influenced people in America, pop art also allowed the artists to bring back the harsh edge into the art world. The Americans focused on what the pop art was portraying and how to get an impacting message to the American people, the British focused on the dynamics and the paradoxical imagery of American pop culture. Pop art was a way for artists to do a parody of the trending art the time. The whole reason why it was created was so a younger generation who created pop art had another way to express them selfs because what they saw in the art around them they didn’t see within them selfs this allowed them to create their own art and their own trend. The artist Eduardo Paolozzi who lived in England first created the first pop art piece of art, the pop art trend started from him and stayed in England for a few years and then America used this form of art in things subject as comic books, British pop art was made to give an impression on American life,the way they did this was by using American magazines to create collages they did this ironically, this allowed for the artist to make a joke out of America. pop collage and multi-media was taken from the inspiration of the British colleges of America except this was created with two completely different objects and put them within the same piece of art, for example this could be an old-fashioned black and white photo with a brightly coloured overly saturated which fitted within the other case for art, for example, a black and white photograph with part of it overlapping with a pop art face. This very use of this art allowed for a clear focus point because of the levels of saturation and the thick harsh black outlines around the intended subject. This very uses of this art didn’t just use objects within the art but drawings as well as typography this allowed for very different places, some, most of these are fully saturated or very minimalistic with their colour. pop art sculptures most famous artist is Claes Oldenburg this man took pop art sculptures and pushed it into supernatural territory, for example Oldenburg created something so simple and made it very ironic one of his most famous basics of art is a cherry on a spoon, he made this supernatural by making the scale larger and not just a little bit larger a lot larger, he Oldenburg made his sculptures to architecture standers being as big as houses and other buildings this made people feel tine and seriously less dominant than them. Oldenburg was very perusal about what materials he wanted to uses for example if something was strong stuff and rugged then he would make them out of a soft squidgy material, not only what the material perceived to be the type of material but how the light effects the scriptures and how it helps perceive the message to the viewer. Amrican pop art was basically a reaction against Abstract Expresssionist, Amrican pop art tried to reintroduced the use of objects with in the use of paintings, this has been pervously tried by someone call Picasso, the reason why they are so simmlar is because of the use of supernatraul not only this but the bright saturated colours a simmalr thing between Picasso and Amrican pop art is that the look 2D but persive the selfs as 3D this is because of the very supernatural use of parts been added moved, the few diffrance that there are between the Picasso and Amrican pop art is that eventho the colours were saturated in Picassos work, they were a lot darker compared to Amrican pop arts colours this makes Amrican pop art a lot more vived, as well as this Amarican pop art used a lot more prime colours than Picasso.


Minimalistic art links to pop art in a number of ways,  for example the use of shapes in pop art the use of benday dots is used constantly to make the subject look like they are colour in whilst adding texture at the same time, the use of texture makes the subject instantly more applying to the viewer. Minimalistic art shares the same use of shapes, for instance, the shapes which are used are generally simple shapes, this use of simple shapes make the peace of are more simplified hens the name minimalistic the use of the minimalistic and its use of space between is each subject is key within the art form, today you see the art form being used to show people figures in the community such as celebrities such as marlin marrow. Pop art as produced art on celebrities as well such as the famous piece of art created by andy whole, this iconic pic of art is noticed by most people in the world, because of the fame of marlin marrow and the fame of Andy Warhol. The use of colour in minimalistic art is very key because of the lack of detail to the art form, it relies on colour as well to show its mood and the atmosphere is it trying to portray to tell the viewer the message within the art form. Pop art also have a lack of colour because its use of primary colours and only prime colours other than black and white, this use of the bold, saturated colours had an impact on the fore of art and how it was presented to the viewer, often to display pink for the skin of a subject, they would make the dots smaller but keeping the same distance between each spot, this use of dots make the colour red have a pink tone because of the excess white.


Pop art was created in 1950 and was used in media almost install to show off brands of things such as tines of food and beer bottles


Minimalistic art was created in 1950 and was created on the very idea that we can show our emotions through the use of shapes



 Personal my favorite artiest to write about and talk about has been Andy Warhol because that the fact that he is an influence to so many people, but not only that his use of his subjects intrigues me and makes me think differently about my own. I chosen to use more artist for my inspiration for my poster is because I wanted to try a different adaptation to photography through the use of pop art and pop artist.