One food world; YOU CANNOT DIGEST IT. And yes

One of the most important factors to survive in this generation is to stay fit. As we come towards adulthood and a hectic lifestyle we realize that laziness is one thing that we cannot afford. And the only way to avoid such expenditure of energy is by struggling to stay fit in our daily routine. We understand it may sound a bit hard to maintain but surely you will find the following tips helpful regarding your fitness.1. Step One: Know Your BodyThe first and basic step towards a healthy body is to figure out what body type you have, and what the true meaning of fitness is to you. It is important to know that a fabricated magazine bikini body is not the epitome of a fit body. Fitness should be about feeling healthy rather than looking a particular size. So for that it is important to look up exercises that suit your body type. Weather it is about losing fat or gaining it.2. Step Two: Know Your FoodI wouldn’t say it is wrong when they say “You are what you eat” because lately I myself feel like a chicken nugget. But it is not just about the fat with the junk food. Fast food is like plastic in food world; YOU CANNOT DIGEST IT. And yes apparently you may but it is very harmful. The least you could do for your body is at least eat homemade food. Let alone go on a diet –which is highly recommended- . Try to add more green in your plate. Vegetables and fruits are great for protein, vitamins and nutrition. But do not forget that fiber is also as much important. And meat is the best consumption in that regard.3. Step Three: Casual WorkoutBy casual workout we mean a small change in your routine that might have its slight effects on your daily routine but a major effect on your fitness. Especially if you adopt it as a habit. To begin with, how about you start taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Or take a walk when you’re bored. These tiny steps could gradually have their impact on your habits and help you attain a healthier lifestyle. There is nothing in this world that can derive you to stay fit unless you are genuinely motivated to do it. Having a lot of positivity in your environment can boost your will power. It is also fine to have a cheat day but try to stay focused on a nutrition diet. And there you have three basic steps towards a fit body.