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On 1 April 2005,
Air travel Asia first hatful of cadet pilot completed their second year
training programme at the Malaysian Flight Academy in Malacca. Among the
graduates were live Air Asia’s stave from various departments especially guest
services, cabin crew, engineering, purchasing and sales. Mostly, the Gentle wind
Asia ‘s hands covers the areas of operation like pilots, engineers and
technicians, ramp help , operational control ,operational (preparation ), cordial
reception and services such as node counter services, flight attendants, call
centres, catering, commercial (marketing, merchandising, route revenues,
ancillary income , social media, corporate and government sales , cargo) as
well as other corporate services supporting these activities. For example,
usually Melodic phrase Asia has a workforce of about 13000 mass around the public.
In Malaysia specifically the headcount is about 8000 strong including air Asia
x. Approximately 5000 multitude work in flight synonyms hypernyms ordered by
estimated frequency of noun operation 4000 in pulverization operations and 1500
in various technology rigs across the group.


Pilot Operations.

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 • Mostly the
archetype makes full use of the landing strip length to slow down the aircraft
without using the reversal dither. That creates a more comfortable landing and
save 17kgs of fuel. The pilots are trained on maintaining a high school level
of safety while integration industry best pattern on fuel savings. It takes a
pilot 5 to 10 yr logging yard of flight hours and qualifying a battery of
consultation and exams to attain the captain condition.


Cabin Crew Operations.


 • There were 4850
cabin crew are a diverse gang and hail from all over Zephyr Asia. A single
cabin crew spends a norm of 90 -120 hours a month in the aura and have attends
to the needs of 45 guests per flight. They celebrate individually at Strain
Asia and the cabin crew are encouraged to limit themselves in a fun and
friendly manner. So, each of the cabin crew undergo intensive training where
they learn about safety procedures and equipment, first aid and in flight armed
service amongst other skills.


Ground / Guest Services Operations.


• There were 1877; guest service help from 25 countries are
deployed across Air Asia Group’s network. For example, in their largest 5
senses of station such as KLIA2, each guest service assistant serves 300 nodes
per day by checking in guests with dish within 90 endorsement and sixty seconds
for guests without bags.


Wild leek Services


• Ramp federal broker are very actives and
multi-talented. Some of them are even have experiences in a rock candy band,
traditional Malay’s execution supporting players and an Amerindian language
traditional medicine groups. In addition, mostly wild leek teams have an utmost
of 18 minutes per turnaround to fully complete the entire offloading of up to
ternary t of cargo and 300 bags, service the aircraft toilet and water systems
and proceed to push back the aircraft for its next flight just 25 minutes after
arrived. So the 866 incline agents in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines
handle 1300 tonnes of baggage per day. In any given shift, one ramp agent may
handle more than 2000 bags.


Engine room Surgery


• 80 of Air Asia’s applied science force prepare for 780
take-offs per day. On behalf of the air Asia their engineering team was prized
the A320 fellowship best operational Excellency award by airbus two times in
row. Five hundred cans of engine oil are changed by 8 personnel in every Night.