On warfare without chivalry-source analysis Essay

The passage shows that moral values played a fundamental role in he chivalric society, that religion was considered an important part of being a good knight and that good behavior was one of the key characteristics for being an ideal chivalric knight. Moral Values in Chivalry played a significant role since the knights had to stick to a chivalric code who determined what was correct and what not. L When the English in the passage enter the town, they actively slay every person that is in their way, no matter what gender or age they Ariel.

This evidently offends against the chivalric moral values. The nights were supposed to protect the weak, poor and defenseless and not to kill and hunt them down like animals. They should rather use their sword to defend everyone fair and deserved than to beat someone with its Another moral chivalric value coming out in the source is not to kill people without thinking about it. In Lingoes, everyone is killed, even the poor who did not even do something bad which could be reasonable to kill them. ‘ Sticking to the Code of conduct, knights were supposed to kill as few people as possible.

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They should behave morally correct in a strict way as for example announcing battle before you start it and not just start entering the townships explains, why the inhabitants were so surprised about’ the attack, even if they realized the mines before. Also, a knight always had to follow his Superior, in most cases his king. E Besides the moral values the code of conduct also contained religious rules for the knights to follow. Anyone who has any feeling of religion would supremely bemoan the for them unbelievably cruel Situation in Lingoes. This states that the English were not thinking religious and therefore not acting chivalric. The religious connection to the code of chivalry was formed during the crusades when the knights fought for religion and thus came even closer to god. 7 The Chivalric knights Were even considered as knights of good , which shows that god really had a strong influence on them. The religious rules are very close to the moral values. The church also wanted knights to protect old, weak and poor people. Further, knights had to be Christian and to perform the religion intensively.

Everything they did should not offend against any moral or religious values. For a king it was even harder to be considered a chivalric ideal. The king was supposed to be the ultimate example of political, military, social and economic norms. E He was the one who made the rules and who told his knights how to behave and what to do. In such a position he could not be the one who allows himself an exception from his own or God’s rules. Overall this historical narrative explains the major changes in medieval warfare and makes the reader understand, how the new kind of warfare affected society during the war.

Jean Frostiest seems to be really shocked bout the non chivalric behavior of knights when they attack Lingoes without sticking to any moral and religious values and neither to the code of behavior that was considered as standard for the chivalric society. The chivalric knight is really described as the typical knight that comes to our mind when we think about the middle ages. Many,’says whenever we refer to this passage we should keep in mind that this is a narrative, written for aristocratic patrons which means that there could be overstatements in the text, to make it more shocking and to increase suspense.