Oh, of you. She hasn’t for the life of

Oh, my dear!She will slowly steal him away from you and you’ll kill yourself wondering what the violence was all about.She’ll give him what you can but then again he doesn’t want it from you and you’ll question everything that you’ve ever done for him.She’ll spot his weakness and grab him by the neck. Twist and turn all the words she knows, pierce through his skin and walk out with his blood flowing in her veins.Oh, my dear! She is evil. She is so evil, she’ll magnanimously swirl her new Scarlett dress adorned with precious diamonds across his face and he won’t be able to judge whether she’s beautiful in that dress or without.She will walk in as a friend and seek your permission to stick around so she can share her clock with him and make constant eye contact while you aren’t looking.No, my love, it is not you. It’s her seductive power to instill ulterior motives as her body sways in all directions to grab your man’s attention until he is all hers.His morals tell him he must stick around but damn! that woman slowly bends over one day and touches his soft lips with hers while you probably just entered the washroom to freshen up.Darling! She will pretend to smoke only half a cigarette so she can share the other half with him, you may smoke the entire cigarette by yourself and nobody is happier than her in the room. The fire is lit, woman!She will make tempting travel plans on the days you aren’t free and escape with him on a holiday while you commit yourself to earn that little living that you do. “Oh we’re all friends, we understand each other”, she’ll repeatedly say and you will fall for that snooty puppy face dying to spread her warm slender legs for your man.She will gradually be that friend he goes to, marshmallow situations, join the two of you. She hasn’t for the life of god forgotten that if a third person joins two people, the third person will always remain in between,  a little closer to him though if you noticed.Oh her clothes are very well thought off. Y’know that little gap between her beautiful breasts? she believes they’re meant to be stared at and nothing stops her from holding those luring exhibitions at constant intervals.The conversationalist that she is, she will find ways to get in touch with him and get him to respond. It was just a message in an intentional accident very subtly put, “Oops! Wrong chat”. Oh no, my love! She exquisitely planned the whole thing out. She isn’t smarter than you, she is at an advantage. She is as observant as you are but damn! her words count because of the amount of juice in each syllable waiting to be sucked out to minutest proportions.She will hide behind him during times of attack and the emotional fool that he is, blinded in the moment, he will aggressively defend her and in all logic, force reason and understanding out of you. Submissive that you are, you’ll give in. Your heart just dropped realizing you’re on your own in this battle, an insignificant battle worth nothing.She is that explicit urge. She is beyond simplicity. She is giving herself away to be taken. She is lethal. She will have her way darling, at the cost of you.Take care of yourself. He won’t even be there to look after you once the damage is done. Heal your burns, adjust emotional temperatures, soften your edges, build stronger walls tougher to break because the next man you attach yourself to is about to treat you the same way.It’s the luck that makes it alive and versatile over time.