Nowadays, initiatives (Visconti, 2016). First, mentoring initiative program. As

a “one style fits all” solution is no longer relevant to be applied in the
diverse workforce organization. Further to this, Gancel stated the organization
should reinforce a corporate culture in which a diverse of experiences, skills,
knowledge and abilities are valued and nurtured in order to enhance
productivity and creativity (2016). Therefore, diversity management programme
is the best tool to find and create a diverse and inclusive workplace as it
provides an in-depth road map to build successful diversity initiatives
(Visconti, 2016). 


 First, mentoring initiative program. As noted
in a Big Think Edge article, mentoring initiative program will promotes
specifically in gender diversity as it will help to enhance the diversity
workforce (2017). For instance, the gender issue between male and female can
become one of the main issue as it can be seen from the case study above.
Further to this, by matching these two different gender with different levels
of position in different department will help the participants to get
one-to-one career coaching and also able to share their opinion. Hence, this program would be helpful in order to increase diversity as
well as worker skills.

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employee resources group program to hire more people from underrepresented
groups. Indeed, diversity today is mean more than just race and gender issue.
As noted in Aperian Global article, diversity today also reflects the
significance on creating an environment where a variety of different voices are
encouraged and heard (2015). Further to this, these unpopular opinions may come
from people who have different gender, race, ethnicity, position, working
experiences and level of education. For instance, Encik Yusuf made his own
decision without given a chance to Madam Latifah to defend her point of view
regarding the downsizing matter due to the position barrier. Therefore, the global
business leaders should reinforce an atmosphere where every employee’s voices
are heard, valued and considered in order to achieve the business goals.

Last but not
least, diversity awareness program.  A
diversity awareness should be focused with a top-down and bottom-up line
because it takes two to tango to achieve desired results aligned with
organization objectives. For instance, a manager needs to know the benefits of
diversity and same goes to the employee as unleashing the potential diverse of
an entire workforce will lead to successful diversity management. As cited in a
Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, a diverse workforce is widely regarded
as a key business imperative and should be incorporated into every
organization’s strategy. Furthermore, support from top management is mostly
welcomed as engaging employees at all levels is the most effective way to reach
critical mass and communicate the importance of diversity.

In conclusion, a
great diverse workforce leads to a better bottom line, happier customers and
increased productivity. Further to this, diversity has been perceived as an
organizational culture where everyone will be treated with dignity and respect
for the equal opportunities. However, diversity must be learn to nurture or otherwise
it cannot be thrive.