Nowadays, important things in life, although finding a career

Nowadays, it is very important to finish school and have a
career so that you can have a better life for yourself and your family. Having
a career is one of the most important things in life, although finding a career
isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  It becomes
hard to figure out what do you want to do the rest of your life. This paper
explains the strategies to encourage the performance of why you need to choose
your career, I start with what being successful means for me, my goals for the
next five years, my motivations and the values that help to become successful,
the strategies to managing time and not procrastinating, my self-aware, the
career choices, what best “fits” on my personal abilities, my interests, and
the values I need to follow the career path that I decide.

            The goals
for someone to be successful depend on each person, for some people it might be
to become rich, having a nice car or a good job. Being successful to me means I
accomplished my goals in my career so that my family can feel proud of my
achievements and so that I can be able to help other people and my community.
For some people, success is to have money or become famous like an artist or
working on TV, but success is being happy achieving your goals, doing what you
like, and having the satisfaction of doing the right thing and that these goals
are realistic. In order to achieve my goals, my objectives must be concise and
clear, and for that I have to make a plan and establish rules and a timeline to
reach these goals. To be successful is to simply know what you want and having
the appropriate tools must be necessary.

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            Goals can be
short-term or long-term goals. For example, my goal for this class is to be
able to do the portfolio and all the tasks require, in addition to be able to
obtain good grades. My longer-term goals are within next five years and include
to be able to obtain a master, and make my English language better. I know that
these goals are challenging to achieve, but I am doing my best and putting all
my emphasis to finish my studies successfully.

is the reason why people get up every day instead of staying sleep or sitting
at home doing nothing, people work hard day after day to be able to reach their
goals. My motivation to enroll into college was my family, most of all I want
my children to be proud that their mother is attending school and will be
graduating from college, I feel like it could help me. Each person has their
own personality with different values and skills, the values of an individual
shape their character and have an impact on every aspect of their life,
including personal and professional life. Some of my values are discipline,
communication, positivity, and one of my best is patience that in my opinion is
needed to make good choices in order to move toward with my objectives.

            The ability
to build an affectionate, compassionate, understanding, and respectful
relationship with people are characteristics of an individual who has good
interpersonal skills. Communication skills are fundamental for be a teacher, the
better a teacher can communicate the better and most effectively the teacher
will be understood. Teachers need to be aware of the various forms of
communications such as non-verbal, verbal, body language, and written in order
to understand communication barriers. I have a lot of skills that a good
teacher must have such as understanding people’s temperaments, being
responsible, solving problems with logic, using technology as a tool, and additionally
I am becoming a more knowledgeable person by attending college and pursuing a this

management is one of challenging situations that students face in order to
finish a college career.  Time management
can be improved bit by bit, procrastination is an example of poor time
management skills that is seeing in students with no educational discipline. Begin
with some solutions to time management.  To
begin exploring some solutions to time management, first make a plan, which can
help with goals to become much easier to accomplish.  Planning is essential to a productive workday
or a completed job. To have a plan will assist you to finish assignments. Second,
reduce distractions to telephones, computers, and internet, essentially anything
that distracts you and that will take your attention away from your work. Thus,
to be able to handle your time effectively you must set priorities and
accomplished them in a timely manner.

Figuring out your career path is going to
take some time, moreover it will require from you to understand what it is that
you want in your life. Your dream career should fit somehow your personality, values,
interests and attitudes. In addition, it should be something that you are
passionate about. I chose to explore the occupation field of education and
social and human services. More specifically, my interest is identified as
social problem, with my highest work value being relationships. This assessment
results are precise and highlight my personal passions and professional career.

            To be a
teacher you must have patience and social skills, this career is far deeper
than that, you will build a relationship and make a significant impact socially.
I can help children and families in need of food, homes, and health care. Teachers
can help children have a brighter future that make the difference because the
children are the future of our country.

            I have the
personality and the interest to work with children. I care about my education
and of my children, therefore I believe that everyone should have an education as
it is the path to end ignorance and prejudice. As a as a teacher, I can assist
children to have a good childhood by instructing them knowledge that they will need.
My concern is the future of the children who are the future of humanity, this
can make a difference in our society.

            Making a
decision is might not be so difficult in my case because I can have the teacher
assistants certificate since I only need two classes for it. In conclusion,
finishing college is an important step to becoming a teacher.