Nowadays, 2000), a numerous of men and organizations are

while the development of society has increased makes people’s awareness
their value, they know who they
are and what they deserve, unfairness still exists. Inequality may come from
race and background but it is not all. The most important thing which should be
mentioned in equality is gender equality. However, one noticeable fact is that although almost people
know about it, it does not mean that all of them understand the real meaning under
this word. The concept of equality
does not imply that men and women are the same (UNFPA, 2005) or
that their roles or needs are identical.
Gender equality is human race
???, both males and females having the same right in opportunities, treatments,
responsibilities, social status, and they are free to develop their personal
ability (International Labor
Organization 2007, p. 48). It is not hard to find slogan “Acting
for gender equality” in articles and social media, but action speaks louder
than word. It should become a worldwide campaign that needs everybody join
hands and make it true. Fortunately, although almost victims of inequality are
women (Gender Equality and
Equity, 2000), a numerous of men and organizations are willing to fight
for this campaign. This paper, with the purpose to raise awareness of people
about gender equality will discuss the importance of gender equality as well as
find the specific strategies and solutions to spread gender equality.2. Discussion of finding2.1
Worldwide Status of Gender EqualityWomen and girls represent half of the world’s
population, yet it is not surprising when say that in many countries gender norms
create disadvantage for them. According to Sustainable
Development Goals, 143 countries ensure equality between males and
females in their Constitutions in 2014, another 52 have yet to make this important
commitment. Although gender equality by definition is belief that both genders
should have equal rights and opportunities, almost women are treated unfairly
in many fields of economics, politics and societies. In fact, a numerous girls cannot
approach education because some of common reasons such as poverty and child
marriage. As a result, many girls do not attend school, and every year nearly
15 million girls under 18 year olds are married (Sustainable
Development Goals, 2016). Although in recent
years the number of women participating labor market has increased, barriers to
gender equality in jobs have remained. A study by Haralambos and Holborn
(2008, p. 123) shows that female workers 
accounted for 79% in social work and 73% in teaching while 71% of sales
managers and 76 % people working in in transport were male. Women are seen as
having few chances in jobs that involve science, technology, engineering and
math. They are assigned to unpaid works such as housewife and childcare. An
estimated the number of this workload workloads cost about $ 10,000 million in
global per year, and this figure was bigger than the sum of GDP of India, Japan
and Brazil ( Bich Diep, 2017). It is not only unequal working in kind of jobs, women
also have not achieved equality of pay. A research of Harvard graduates in US pointed out that average earnings in
2005 for women were $ 90,000 while that for men were $ 162,500. In full-time
jobs, average wages were $112,500 for women but $187,000 for men. Gender
inequality does not only exist in aspects of life, the positions of women seem
to be not appreciated in politics. According Peters (2015), women just hold about 25 percent of
parliamentary seats in almost countries and many of them manage on social
sectors. He claim that “Even when elected, women are seldom appointed to
significant legislative committees or awarded the most prestigious ministerial
posts”. All of the above, it can be said that gender equality in women is one
of the most serious problems nowadays. On the other hand, gender
equality is also an issue of the men. In many cultures, men are considered as
“breadwinner”, it means that they have to be “tough”. This attitude put burden
on men in responsibility for their family. In addition, in some circumstances
people did not mention to men right in gender equality, they assert that all
the victims of gender inequality are women. However, the percentage of man
suicides in Europe are four times higher that of women with more than 43 000
European men killing themselves every year and mental health services for men
are less than women ( Whitley,
2017). He also criticized that The
European Parliament Committee for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality ignored men’s
right in the report in February 2017. In specific, this report calls equality
for females to receive benefits and excludes to male’s right, it is not true
with the content of gender equality. Therefore, gender equality is a everyone’s
issue, both men and women need ensure that they are equal right in every
aspect.2.2 Reasons why there
should be fight for gender equalityIn the Declaration of Independence of almost
countries, equality right is
always mentioned. It means that equality is a human’s right, no one can
dispossess this privilege of other. Among these rights is gender equality. To accelerate the development
of economy, polity and society, it is necessary to ensure gender equality.
There is no doubt that gender equality brings numerous benefits for individual
and community. With women, gender equality is a revolution that
rescues more than half of people in over the world. According to Rahman (2017), there has been incorporation between gender equality in women and sustainable development
goals of UN. Firstly, Gender equality will
help tackle poverty. Women account for 70% of “ultra-poor”
people, so putting the end of poverty depends mainly on them. Therefore if
women and man are equal in work choices and earning capacity, the percentage of
poverty will decrease. Another development goal of gender equality is that helping people graduate out of hunger. In many agriculture
countries, women make up a
large percentage of agriculture labor. If women farmers have the right to make
decisions about using land agriculture as men do, they can support about 90 to 130 million
people. In fact, women consist of more than 60% of the world’s illiterate
population, but
this proplem can solve by implementating gender equality (Shields,
2014).  Not only bringing profits for women, gender equality also give many
advantages for men. Shields (2014) said that
males will not withstand the burden of being breadwinner and can empress what
they feel without worrying about looking down on of other
people. Besides, gender equality drops domestic violence rate when males care
about women’s rights and respect them. It can be said that gender equality is
the base of civilized society. “Without gender equality, no nation will see the
full capacity of its economy or education. No nation can operate at its fullest
when half of its population has no voice and no rights” (Shields, 2014).2.3 Suggestions to make gender equality a realityGender equality cannot be achieved if we just say
and don’t fight for it. Gender equality is not only a short space of time, it
is a long campaign which need to be done as soon as possible. The first step to achieve gender equality is raising
awareness for men. It is necessary for men to be educated to think and behave
properly to women. Some small actions such as man making rude comments about
women and harassment in public transports or social media promote disrespect
with women, it can trigger for a numerous of serious violation women’s right
(Solornata, 2015). Moreover, both men and boys need to be included in the movement for gender
equality. Gender equality will be meaningless if it come from one side. Males
should stand up to fight for women and for their benefits.Another way to develop gender equality
is using social media. According to Herman (2015), Mlambo-Ngcuka and the UN
Women team used social media like a tool to tackle gender inequality. As the
result, #HeForShe campaign succeed when it attract 150,000 Twitter followers,
over 260,000 Facebook likes and endorsements of a large number of men in the
world. Mlambo-Ngcuka said “By the time I went to work at UN Women, I was very
clear that technology was going to be part and parcel of what I’m going to use
to reach out to both men and women in the world, for them to be part of trying
to solve the problems” (Herman 2015). Finally, to promote gender equality in the most
complete way, it is necessary to empower for women in economy. Joshi (2016) claims that it will take over another decade
to bridge the gender gap. In this context, High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic
Empowerment will make some plan to solve this problem. UN Secretary-General Ban
Ki-moon states that “The empowerment of the world’s women is a global
imperative,” (Joshi, 2016).3. Conclusion        

Base on analyses in
above, the research illustrates the unequal problems that exist between males
and females in many fields like economy, politic and society. In fact, gender equality
has created advantages for both genders. It resolves issues that involve
poverty, hunger and illiterate population, and it also changes out date
attitudes. However, to make equality a real is more difficult than saying.
Therefore, it is vital to require specific solutions and plans to achieve
gender equality. Three main actions are then proposed from the research to help
maintain gender equality, namely changing men attitude, propaganda by social
media and empowerment for women. It is strongly believed that gender equality will
soon become reality.

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