now needs and needs. In 2013, I did a

now a carer for my mom and have been for as long as 5 years. My primary obligations are cleaning and planning nourishment and in addition helping with healing centre and arrangements. I have encounter overseeing substantial workloads which is every one of the an aspect of my responsibilities and I appreciate doing what I do as I probably am aware toward the finish of it I will have accomplished something incredible and I make the most of my occupation much more so and increase awesome delight from it as I was already aware I am doing it up to the desires of my mom’s needs and needs. In 2013, I did a course which kept going a year it was an aptitude regular centre abilities instructional class which included the shielding of kids. I was adapting quite a lot more and I additionally increased significant experience from it. I did this for a long time. Preceding this I did a National Vocation course encompassing maternity and kid welfare. I have an enthusiasm for offering back to the community and that is the reason I likewise watch over other elderly people. I cherish the delight I find in their appearances when I convey the kind of care that they so merit. I see my mom’s face light up when I am watching over her and I feel so glad when she is upbeat since I know I am having any kind of effect in her life and in the lives of the other elderly individuals to whom I commit my chance. I adore giving back and this is the reason I need to go on now to do the Health and Social Care follow up course as this will give me profitable included involvement. I really appreciate working specifically with individuals and with individuals from my group. As I have attempted various one of kind parts I feel that I am best set to do this course and I likewise feel that this course will stand me in great stead to seek after my profession in care and I would be in a field that I am so energetic about. I need to carry out a vocation that issues to individuals, additionally including vitality, and lifting the spirits to all I come into contact with in my minding part. I am both energized and anxious at the possibility of realizing that I am en route to building a profession in the Health and Social Care segment yet I am more ready than any other time in recent memory to putting all my vitality and center into the wellbeing and social care course as I feel this is my fate, combined with my various work encounter I have never been any readier than I am presently and I am resolved to prevail in this. . In my current Health Social care, I support individuals with mental health disorder who are valuable, people who have been in contact with the mental health Justice System and who have been transferred to secure hospitals. I work in a 24hr high support residential project, with individuals who experience a variety of mental health disorders. I have gained a lot of insight into the various types of mental illness and how they affect each individual differently and the difficulties they face daily. Due to this insight I have gained, I am able to promote choice and well-being amongst my clients by affecting positive change where possible and empowering them to live an independent life when possible. I support my clients with their daily living skills, I provide emotional support by helping my clients to cope with stressful situations or changes in their lives and liaise with appropriate agencies for them to get the personalised care they require. However, if they are unable to cope without support, I am always willing to support them until they are confident or able to. Clients who are abusing drugs and alcohol are referred to partner agencies that can provide them with the support they need. I have also learnt how to communicate effectively with my clients by being sensitive and taking their communication needs into consideration The skills and qualities I have gained working in social care includes; being able to adapt and work in challenging and changeable environments, problem-solving, the ability to perform against targets, excellent organisational skills and the ability to work under pressure, effectively communicating with service users and their families and representing them . I have learnt how to work collaboratively within a team and know the importance of working with a partner. I have developed the ability to be alert and sensitive being aware of what’s going on around me, knowing how to respond and using my senses to perceive others attitudes and emotionsI  currently undertook an HNDS Health and Social care which has to enable me to evaluate my working practice by doing evaluations after an activity, participate in supervision with my line manager and clinical supervision in order to enhance my practice. I am learning about various types of legislation and how we work with them and our organisation policies and procedures and the effect they have on service users. As a result, I am more aware of my own ethics and philosophy and I am able to respect service user’s values, background, culture and preferences. I am also very interested in doing placements as I will get the opportunity to build on my knowledge, gain experience and insight about being a social health worker. I am a hard working, a willing student who is motivated by challenges and enjoy embracing new experiences. I feel that a degree in health social care workers will be a good basis for a successful career in social work. After completion of my degree, I hope to specialise in a mental health setting.


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