Now Here is possible to watch informative movies, to

Now social networks have strongly taken minds of users of a global web that it became difficultto find the person who at least did not hear about such resources as «Instagram», « VK» and so on.The main task of social media to unite people and to provide all possible means and services forcommunication, building relations and communications between these people.90%of people think that social networks badly influence the person. But this opinion is wrong.Social networks have good and bad aspects .Positive aspects of social media:1) Communication. Social networks is a good way to communicate online, at any distance even if youare for thousands of kilometers from each other. It is possible to communicate on Skype with thefriends or close relatives. Thanks to social networks, it is possible to find new, interestingacquaintance. And after and to get acquainted in live, it is huge plus presently.2) Self-Development. Here is possible to watch informative movies, to listen to good music, toread interesting books, to learn foreign languages. On social networks groups on interests in whichRunning head: What are the positive and negative aspects of social media and communication technology?it is possible to find information interesting you, for example, video with classes in fitness or withlessons of playing a guitar are created.3) Along with it, social networks can help during educational process. With their help it is possible toexchange abstracts of lectures, tasks on laboratory works and other useful information. Also there isan opportunity to enter community of a certain subject and to study questions on history in detail orto tighten knowledge of a foreign language. For this purpose in social networks there are referencesto necessary literature, a photo and video content, it is possible to discuss problematic issues withother members of the group.Negative aspects of social mediaReplacement of real communication virtual is one of the most essential minuses. Longcommunicating in social networks, we get used to express the emotions through letters on thekeyboard and we forget about a mimicry, gestures, contacts of eyes and real emotions. Sometimesit happens so that in network the interlocutor seems to us interesting, there are many generalsubjects, is what to talk about, however at a personal meeting all this vanishes somewhere. Manypeople just feel dickey without computer or phone near at hand.Most of users of social networks so get used to them that they can’t present without them the life.Running head: What are the positive and negative aspects of social media and communication technology?Visit of the account becomes in own way a ceremony. For many the pursuit of “likes”, new friendsand comments becomes some kind of game. People incorrectly place priorities and forget that in lifethere are things much more important, than the thousand friend or 100-th “like” of VK or onInstagram.Also social networks take away a large number of time. It seems that you will just visit for fiveminutes the page to check whether there are no new important messages, and as a result youspend several hours thumbing through sometimes useless updates. During this time, spent fornothing, it would be possible to make a heap of useful affairs.One more minus of social networks is vulnerability of personal information. We post the photos,documents and other personal data, and in our world there are a lot of computer criminals who canuse this information for the criminal intents.