Northern It is also the chance to celebrate Tet

 Northern Vietnam group tours: Moc Chau – your spring getaway


When people mention Moc Chau, it is likely that they are talking about Moc Chau Plateau.

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It is a famous destination of Moc Chau District, Son La Province, and is about 180km from Hanoi. This poetic land is known for its evergreen tea hills and wildest grass fields in Vietnam Northern mountainous areas.

It is best suited for those who seek for some peace in nature but prefer a less bumpy road trip. It is also an amazingly romantic getaway and is suitable for short stays. So if you are travelling to Vietnam this spring, why not choose Moc Chau?



Spring in Mochau:


Spring is the season of vitality. In this season, cherry and plum blossoms start to bloom and dye Moc Chau’s flower carpet in a bright white and pinkish colour. The misty weather only adds up to the beauty of this plateau, giving it an elegant and dreamy look. 


Peach blossoms begin to bloom in January. You can also see plum trees flowering in locals’ gardens during this time of the year. There might be some last yellow broccoli flowers on the roadsides if you pay enough attention.

plum blossoms in Moc Chau


Its picturesque scene is enough to keep travellers coming and when leaving, people yearn for another chance to visit Moc Chau with a sense of tranquillity in mind.


It is also the chance to celebrate Tet holiday with Hmong people. Prepare traditional dishes and dine with the locals before dancing and singing the night away to celebrate a new year to come.

This ethnic group, however, holds Tet a month earlier compared to the national date. So if you want to experience the festive atmosphere of Vietnam’s highlands during Tet, check the calendar before making your reservations.



Moc Chau is blessed with year-round pleasant weather. It is fairly cool with sunshine and breezes of spring. Its average temperature during spring rarely surpasses 20 degree Celsius. Some days might be hazy and foggy but it only adds up to Moc Chau’s extraordinary beauty. Many consider this is the best time to visit Moc Chau with favourable conditions and Tet holiday soon to come.


Packing tips:

–       Clothes: Bring clothes that can be layered. You do not want to pack too much but still have to make sure to keep your body warm. Moc Chau’s temper

–       Footwear: Expect lots of walking. So choose your most comfortable shoes to bring along with you, preferably sports or hiking shoes.



Popular attractions:

Moc Chau is home to several locations that are among the must-see destinations of Vietnam. However, the spring is not the best time to visit some places so we recommend you check out these three first before all.


1.      Moc Chau tea hills:

Moc Chau is famous for its lush green tea hills. Boundless vibrant tea valleys under the blue sky in the cool weather is certainly something visitors look forward to.


Moc Chau’s tea hill


There is also a heart-shaped tea hill here and it is definitely a romantic spot for couples to take their wedding pictures.


2.      Thung Cuong Village:

Another must-visit in Spring! The village under a blanket of plum flowers with peaking grey roofs of Hmong traditional stilt houses under white clouds creates a peaceful and dreamy scenery.


children under the cherry trees


3.      Pine forest of Ang Village:

This is another icon of Moc Chau. It is a fine combination of endless pine forest, dreamy lake and cool air and is also suitable for camping and picnic. You could also find a strawberry farm and enjoy fresh cow milk at a farm here.

Visiting Thai people’s Ang Village is also very easy. It is located nearby and you can walk there.

Pine forest of Ang village



Come to Moc Chau and try its signature dishes. Roasted veal, stream fish, Thang Co, smoked buffalo meat, and Com Lam are the most famous. Other traditional dishes can be found at stilt houses in the pine forest of Ang village. The hosts serve a wide range of Thai traditional dishes which are all unique and tasty.


Roasted Veal


Fresh delicious cow milk can also be found here as a special treat for visitors. San Tuyet tea is another excellent drink that Moc Chau is famed for.


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