No Police Body Cameras Essay

Whether you’re a teacher trusting students to finish the essay that they said t hey would on time. Or a son, whose father had told him he would be at his game today. Or a boss who expected his employee to meet a specific quota.

It shows up most in obeying the laws of America that we created. Trust for the population has worked the last 400 yea RSI of Americas existence. It is the basis of how we function in everyday life and trust the Poe pile around us. One of our newest, most important aspects of trust is between our criminal juju stick division of the government and the people themselves. This relationship has been in exes tense for over a hundred years and has worked surprisingly well for the American people.

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To I invoke cameras n the police officers today would be to doubt and break the trust that has be en shared for so long. Police officers today are given the task of protecting the American people e at all costs. Towns and cities today require an officer to have their high school diploma to join the force and in most cases the officer has to be over the age of 21 . After being accept d, the participant is encouraged to attend small universities to gain a degree in cirri anal justice where they can make advances on rank in their battalion.