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Nabeeha Kafeel531151Mrs. LiapisBBB4M0-A8 January 2018Ethics Presentation Research: Johnson & JohnsonBackground InformationPharmaceutical and manufacturing company founded in New Jersey, in 1886 as a family businessThe three brothers: Robert, James and Edward Johnson Their goal: believed that physicians need to enhance and simplify hygiene in their practices Started off by creating a line of surgical dressing and sterile suture Inspired to create these after hearing a speech by antiseptic spokesman Joseph Lister, in 18851887: introduced the first commercial first aid kits and were created to help railroad workers, however it started being used by everyone to treat injuries 1894: Johnson & Johnson’s baby business began in this year; launching maternity kitsThese kits were designed for to make childbirth safer for the mothers and the newbornsTheir baby powder was also launched this year and became very successfulThe 1940s: broadened its product portfolio in the medical and pharmaceuticals areasCompany expanded into Latin America and South America Entering the markets of several more European countriesBegan to play an important role in the field of medical advancementsCurrently: Johnson & Johnson owns multiple of brands, most that are highly recognizableSome popular brands include Aveeno, Tylenol, Band-Aid, Clean & Clear, First-Aid, Listerine, Neutrogena, Nicorette, etc.Cites Used”A history of Johnson & Johnson – Pharmaphorum.” 26 Jun. 2013, Accessed 2 Jan. 2018.”Johnson & Johnson Brands | List of All J&J Consumer Brand … – Ranker.” Accessed 2 Jan. 2018.”Johnson & Johnson: History.” 7 Feb. 2017, Accessed 2 Jan. 2018.CSR Strategy: The PositivesHave made many big contributions to improve people’s health through their 250 operating companies in 60 countriesThe goal of Johnson & Johnson is to change the path of health for humanity and result in positive outcomesThis goal includes positively impacting patients and those who use their products, thus the health of their employees, communities and the planet Johnson & Johnson has been centred around finding innovative approaches to curtail waste and energy use at its facilities around the worldIn 2016, the company went a step ahead and planned out which environmental issues they should focus on and strive to hit these benchmarks over the next four years as a part of their “Citizenship and Sustainability 2020 Goals”How they care:The company has more than 400 partnerships in their portfolio, who helped Johnson & Johnson impact the lives of millions of people around the world. As J&J work with their partners, they evaluate each program that takes place. They take into account the development stage of the initiative, the region or country where it is taking place, and its scale and scope. The data collected helps J&J shape and improve their strategies. Johnson & Johnson’s citizenship and sustainability approach are inseparably linked to their vision of a world where everyone, everywhere is physically and emotionally stable and healthy. It is grounded in their Credo values and in their mission as a healthcare company and reflected in how they operate their business.J’s “Volunteer Support Program” enables their employees to be associated with volunteer opportunities in their local communities. Johnson & Johnson additionally offers volunteer leaves to employees and has strategies set up for Certified Disaster Volunteers or other generally qualified volunteers to ask for time off to partake when a non-benefit Non-Governmental Agency (NGO) asks volunteers to help out for a need/opportunity.On April 18, 1906, a major earthquake occurred in San Francisco, levelling large portions of the downtown which killed around 3,000 people. Homes and businesses were demolished and gas lines ruptured causing massive fires that burned for days. Within hours, emergency medical and surgical supplies were loaded on trains for San Francisco. Johnson & Johnson provided gauze, sutures, bandages, and other necessities. Thus, J&J set up field hospitals to support relief efforts.Cites UsedCitizenship & Sustainability Reporting ….” Accessed 3 Jan. 2018.”4 Ways Johnson & Johnson Is Exceeding Its Citizenship ….” 14 Mar. 2017, Accessed 3 Jan. 2018.CSR Strategy: The NegativesIn 2009, Diane Berg, a woman from Sioux Falls, South Dakota filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson because their talc-based products caused her ovarian cancerIn 2012, a Virginia woman was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based products Talcum powder is used in many products to prevent irritations, dry babies’ skin on diapers, absorb moisture and bad odoursThe two cases listed above were two of thousands of lawsuits brought nationwide alleging that the company did not put labels on their products and failed to warn consumers of the risk of cancer from talcTaking into consideration that not hundreds, but thousands of women have reported of being diagnosed with cancer at a young age due to Johnson & Johnson being unethical and not warning their consumers about these carcinogenic products. In 2016, Eva Echeverria filed a lawsuit against J&J because she was also diagnosed with cancer, making others aware that this issue is STILL going on. Should people (specifically mothers) continue to buy J&J’s products? I think not. J had to pay $417 million to the woman who filed a lawsuit in 2016 (Eva Echeverria), which is a huge amount of money and a very big loss for the company.Why this is important for consumers to be aware of this company?It is important for people like you and me to be aware of Johnson & Johnson because the company owns so many other brands, most that we use in our day-to-day lives. None of us want to use products that are carcinogenic and pose a risk to our health in any way. It is surprising that Johnson & Johnson says, “We’re all about your well-being.” They also stated that their mission is to enhance the health of wellness of their consumers and made a commitment to please their consumers with products that they can trust for their entire family. However, with the thousands of women reporting their cancer issues, it is very hard to trust J and their products. They have not warned their consumers and did not label their products correctly. People need to start using brands that use natural ingredients in their products, such that are extracted from plants. People also need to look at labels properly and only buy products that are known to be trusted, as well as those that are not carcinogenic. Searching up carcinogenic products on Google will give you an idea of which brands not to buy from; the internet gives a lot of great information about them. Cites Used”Johnson & Johnson Inc. Canada | We’re All About Your Well-Being.” Accessed 4 Jan. 2018.”Johnson & Johnson to pay $417m in cancer lawsuit | USA … – Al Jazeera.” 22 Aug. 2017, Accessed 4 Jan. 2018.”The Talcum Powder Lawsuit – The Truth, The Lies … – Huffington Post.” 27 Jun. 2016, Accessed 4 Jan. 2018.Live Clean – A Brand to be TrustedUse plant and naturally sourced or non-petrolatum ingredients that are renewable and sustainable