n widely known piece was created in the 1960s

n 1967, a group was created
by engineers Billy Kluver and Fred Waldhauer, and artists Robert Rauschenberg
and Robert Whitman. This group was then called “EAT” which was shortned from
(Experiments in Art and Technology) and its goal was encourage the partnership
between art and the world of technology.

They created
installations and performances which involved advanced electronic systems,
including electrical circuity, video projection, Doppler sonar and wireless
sound projection. This was a good step as it gave a good base for this type of
art which contained and discovered the technological progress.

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The EAT experiments signified
the connection between artists and technology and this would have never
happened without them.

The first widely known
piece was created in the 1960s in a scientific research company Bell Labs where
the creator of EAT Billy Kluver worked. The piece was made by Kenneth C.

Knowlton who was a computer graphics specialist. His work was a photograph of a
young nude woman and he turned the image into computer pixels.