My to pursue. While studying the spanish language for

My career goals consist of majoring in social work or teaching spanish. I have been inspired to major in social work because I have always wanted to be able to do something great for others and not only myself. I would like to help people cope with challenges they face in any moment of their lives and create a positive and life changing impact. I, myself, have thankfully never experienced a challenge I was not able to overcome, but I have heard plenty of different situations my classmates have faced and as a high school teenager, I can not do a lot to help other than guiding them to a possible solution with advice. My career goal is to create an impact in people’s lives. Teaching is also a different option for a career I would like to pursue. While studying the spanish language for three years in highschool I began to take a great interest in it. I began to appreciate it so much that it gave me an interest of majoring in the spanish language and be able to teach it someday to future generations. I also learned that spanish is an important language not only from where I come from but from where I am. Being bilingual gives so many opportunities not only for me but also for others who only speak the spanish language, which in my community are more than the half the people. It has inspired me to learn more about it and help make a change for those who need it, like the non bilingual individuals. I have learned the importance of speaking spanish and how useful it is for us to be able to communicate not only in Latin American but also in some parts of North America. As a spanish teacher, I would like to make a difference in the field of education. Simply enhancing the spanish language to students taking advanced spanish classes can create an impact in their lives and others. Students will be able to gain important insights and become more successful in their careers while making a change for those who are not bilingual. My overall career goal is to create an impact in others lives and teaching someone a different language will be reaching my goal.