My these social activities gave me opportunities to realize

My full name is Thi
Minh Dao. I was born in 1985 in Can Tho city which is located in the south of Vietnam. I believe a meaningful life should be all about doing our
best, learning and improving ourselves every day to reach the goals. After studying
hard in high school, I decided to enter Can Tho University, one of the best
universities in Vietnam. When I studied here, I had a chance to enjoy a
significantly high academic standing. During this time, I received the in-depth
and coherent directions and experience coursework and in experiments as well,
allowing me to construct a solid theoretical foundation and to develop strong
hands-on skills. In most of the specialized courses, such as Enzyme Science,
Computer Fundamentals, Animal Physiology, Modern Molecular Biology and English
for Science and Technology, I got high grades and received good commendation
from my teachers.

that proficient research skills and practice experiences are essential to be a
successful scientist, I joined Professor Hung’s group, who taught me a course
called biological chemistry. Because of my professor and his course, I decided
to delve into further study in this area. During the final term for my
graduation project, I chose to study the hydrolysis of fish by using bacteria
and enzyme to accelerate the process of producing traditional fish sauce and to
enhance the flavor. I finished this research successfully, which has provided
me precious opportunities to widen my knowledge of biotechnology.

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            Aside from
spending time on studying and research, I participated in many social
activities, both in and out of school. I strengthened my organizing and
communicating skills through my role as one of the members in the Volunteer
Club at my university, where I organized the activities, for example, cleaning
up trash, examining water quality, gardening, and so on. In addition, I used to
take part in the Stamp Club, where I could spend time enjoy my hobby after hard
studying days. I valued that these social activities gave me opportunities to
realize the importance of human kindness, working in a team, being a good
leader, which are all qualities that are desired of a successful scientist.
Moreover, when I was a first-year student, I worked as a tutor. I taught English
to children. I gained some experiences from this job, such as teaching skills
and communication skills. It was the first time I could earn money by myself.

            In 2010, I
got the Mekong 1000 Scholarship, which sponsors students in the Mekong Delta to
pursue their graduate studies abroad. I chose to study for my master’s degree
at the Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan. For two years, I had a chance to
improve my academic studies as well as life skills, I chose to study the brummer gene function in the development of the Drosophila melanogaster as my graduate thesis. The Drosophila gene brummer
is known to be related to lipid storage, and is homologous to the human
adipocyte triglyceride lipase. I finished
this research successfully, which improved my knowledge of molecular biology.
During the time I studied in Japan, I also learned how to manage and organize my
research in a timely manner. My professor taught me how to develop a new
concept to apply this research in real life. I was involved in many social
activities in Japan. I participated in the Vietnamese Student Organization in
Kyoto. We helped each other, especially the new students, get accustomed to
life in Japan. We introduced Vietnamese culture to the Japanese students and
developed a compatible relationship between the two countries, Vietnam and

            In 2014, I
started to work for the Department of Science and Technology in Vietnam. I
worked as an Editor’s Assistant in the Department. I collected and summarized
scientific research and data from Vietnam and from the entire world for a
science magazine. Our purpose was to help farmers and local people in Vietnam,
as well as update and apply new technology to their daily lives.

            In 2016, I
received a scholarship for one semester from the University of South Florida
for a master’s program for Biomedical Engineering. However, after studying for
one semester, I realized that this program was not suitable for me because it
focused on building machines for medicine and I wanted to study the applications
and the processes of medicine. Therefore, I decided to find another appropriate
program. It is possible to say that I failed in this way, but I believe that it
was also a beneficial lesson on how to choose a perfect path for myself.

            All of
these experiences helped me improve my theories and practices, as well as gain
a sense of responsibility and maturity. I moved to San Diego, California in
January 2017, and until now, I have been studying English at the San Diego
University of Integrative Studies to improve my English skills. I think that I
need to prepare carefully for my new goal — Business Administration. I have decided
to study another major because if the opportunity presents itself, my future plan is to
establish my own medical company to develop and create natural new medicines,
with low-toxic levels and low side-effects. Therefore, I hope that, via your program,
my academic efforts, and my future projects, I will learn more about Business Administration. Toward such aspirations, I believe that the MBA program at
Southern States University is determined to
significantly extend my academic education and career.