My ones with shades of red to express anger

My trip to the art museum was very fascinating we saw many types of art and many different types of colors, textures, shapes, contrasts, and unity that  made the artwork work together amazingly. The artwork was beautifully portrayed through the eyes of a painter in a busy street or on a rainy day that shows everyone sees things more differently. When we saw the Water Lilies in the museum by the amazing artist Claude Monet it had many overlapping dots. The dots had many sizes including larger and smaller dots on the canvas. The artist used 2 dimensional shapes to make it appear as if it were in a different angle. It was very simple and didn’t have any freeform shapes such as clouds or coffee spills on it, it was beautiful and truly one of a kind. The dots made it look very nice and organic. The artist stuck with one shape the entire way and had very defined round dots. As you get closer you could see the roundness of the dots and as you get further away the more the artwork blended together to make it one whole painting. It was made with oil paint on a canvas the size of a white board he must have really had the determination and effort to make it look amazing and it must have taken him days, weeks or even months to fill that huge canvas up entirely. The painting that had many colors that expressed emotions was the Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by John McCrady it expressed the devil or satan in a bright, dark, red that was very dull and wasn’t filled with life. They made the evil ones with shades of red to express anger and it expressed that it was an enemy compared to the other pure colors. The white in the chariot and in the angels expressed that it was pure, nice and harmonic it had many angels dressed in white and many red devils that made it look like a war was happening on who was going to get to the sick man first. The sick man was wrapped in white sheets and was painted to be on a bed to look very ill. The sky around the clouds was very dark and dull, it made  the focal point the angels. Skies are usually very bright and blue with white, fluffy looking clouds but on this painting it was different it had grey clouds that made it appear as if it the sky was opening. Can you believe that a statue was made out if wax and not out of stone or clay. The Ballerina was made out of wax it has many different textures in many different places it has smoothness around the chest area then around the legs it has many curves to represent the knees and elbows. The hair has lines going through it to make the hair look more defined and realistic. The artist Edgar Degas used pieces of cloth to make a hair bow and a tutu. The tutu has many ruffles and the look of it was nice and it looked distressed and ripped at the bottom of it to form a nice look of oldness to the skirt. The shininess of it almost appeared as if you were tempted to touch it. The wax was nice and it looked shiny  and many textures included it being nice and smooth or very bumpy for the face structure and the limbs. Stump Speaking by:  George Caleb Bingham had very good contrasts he had light on those who are smiling including his children and dogs. On the other hand those who looked grumpy or sad he had shaded a shadow and are not very noticeable in the darkness of the shading. He brought the work of art to life with the shading and tints he made it look like the sun was either setting or rising on an early morning or at dawn. The realisticness in this is incredible he made every person realistic and not abstract like in other paintings with other painters having shapes such as triangles and squares as noses and eyes. A contrast is having very light or dark tints and shades applied to the artwork to make it appear realistic or abstract. This oil canvas by Paul Cornoyer called The Plaza After the Rain has many details that in some cases to many details would make it look too busy not having a focal point but in this painting everything harmonized together to make a beautiful painting that expressed puddles and some rain still dropping from the sky. It was very symmetrical with all the parts of paint shapes and lines to have the right amount of grey and white mixed in. It all worked together in unity and harmony to create a peaceful look through the painters eyes on what he saw that rainy day.  His art had many grey, black and white shades and it had many crooked lines. He really made this painting go together in unity. All of these are what we saw at the art museum and it was an amazing experience for me to see everything and see all these elements in the painting. Next time when you go to the art museum be sure to compare each of them to the category of color, shapes, unity, texture and contrast. These 5 elements helped me better understand the artwork.