My graduating with a Master Degree in Criminal Justice,

My interest in the criminal justice profession
became apparent during the fall semester of my sophomore year when I was
enrolled in three Sociology courses. I had finally found subjects that I
enjoyed and academically excelled in. Sociology taught me social life, social
change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. I became
encouraged to challenge social norms and bring awareness to oppressed
groups.  A master degree in Criminal
Justice can help prepare me to solve the social problems by providing the right
resources to help ensure individual rights and entitlement to enhance their
social functioning. The research methods provided by the Criminal Justice
Master Program can help me focus on the strengths of individuals, families,
groups, communities, and organizations.

As a graduate student, I have personal and
professional goals that I would like to achieve to start a career working for
the FBI. My personal and personal goals intersect with my academic interests in
Criminal Justice. My professional goal is to be able to participate in the FBI
Collegiate Hiring Initiative for graduated students. The two professions I am
interesting in is either Intelligence Analyst or an FBI Agent. Once I achieve
my academic goal in completing and graduating with a Master Degree in Criminal
Justice, I can achieve my professional goal. I feel Walden University going to
provide me the chance to renovate myself into a scholar-practitioner so I can
influence a certain social change. Working for the FBI, I can face serious
social challenges, but as a Scholar-practitioner working for the FBI, I can
solve complicated problems with advanced solutions and approaches that can be
used to notify and promote custom. Specialized learning and the attainment of a
graduate degree will help me meet my career and personal life goals. The
FBI Collegiate Hiring Initiative is for graduated students and in order to apply
I have to attain my Criminal Justice degree before a specific deadline. By
attaining my Master degree will meet one of the requirements for program.

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I graduated with my B.A. in Liberal
Arts and Science; my major is Urban and Communication
Studies and my minor is Sociology. Being educated in Urban
and Communication Studies, it has prepared me for careers
in public, social and community service. Sociology prepared me for the diverse world we
live in and it offers me an extensive range of substantive
areas, methodological approaches, and theoretical
orientations.  Sociology strengthen my understanding of culture,
education, human rights, political sociology, social movements and etc. With these
two educational programs, I have built a strong oral
and written communication skill with the ability to understand,
evaluate and solve problems; the ability to understand, interpret
and read written materials. My educational experience in Urban and Communications
prepared me for the planning, organization, and communication around
public occasions. I can clearly communicate complex and sophisticated
materials using both written and oral techniques. Familiar with
theoretical concepts that is underlying organizational behavior, management and
leadership of human resources, and design and structural processes.

These experiences does support the direction of   my study established.  My CJ503 was transferred from previous
school. CJ503 provided me with an understanding of the research process and the
ethical context within which research should be conducted.  CJ503 provided me with the basic skills
needed to conduct and evaluate research on topics related to the criminal
justice field.  I was able to achieve
these goals by the sequence focus on the nature of technical review; the
relations between theory and research; designing research projects and
exploring causation; sampling procedures and logic; research techniques;
reliability, validity, and measurement of data; and descriptive analyses of
data.  I can improve my writing and APA
formatting while studying at Walden by utilizing the student resources and
services provided to students such as the library, writing center, academic
skills center, etc.