My composition (Should the government place a tax on

My composition (Should the government place a tax on junk food and fatty snacks?)    Recently, people can find the fast food restaurant everywhere in the world. you can find McDonald’s  the USA, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, or other countries. How about convenience stores? In my house at South Korea, There are 5 convenience stores I can reach there by less than 5 minutes of walking. They mostly sell a bag of chips or every kind of drink like coke that makes people fat. Also, in the McD’s, they sell a burger, soft drink, and french fries, that makes people even fatter. Also, there’s a lot of fat people in the world. In my opinion, the gov’t should place a tax on junk foods and fatty snacks. People tend to purchase the cheap products. there are no exceptions for the junk food and fatty snacks. In general, McDonald’s Big Mac meal is around 6 to 7 dollars. On the other hand, typical restaurant food costs were 15 to 20 dollar. It is almost double the amount of pay. not only the meal, the chips, and snacks are the same. When I went to the grocery, a few apple chips and a huge bag of potato chips are the same prices. Also, 1L fruit juice is 3 times expensive than a bottle of soda. when we start to place a tax on these fatty foods, people would consume healthier snacks or drinks. Additionally the junk foods, when the Big Mac becomes 15 dollars, people will go to the healthier restaurant, not the unhealthy, fatty McDonald. Being fat is not good for the health. On modern society, we could find an obese people on the street(especially USA). I visited Seattle for several times, and I can found an obese people compared to Vancouver.  We all know being obese is fatal for the health and extremely obese people could reach death by several different diseases. The most common disease-causing by obese is Diabetes. Diabetes is caused by insulin, which hormones that break down the sugar, are not sufficient to maintain the glucose(which is another name for sugar) levels in our blood vessels. when the people eat junk foods and fatty snacks, especially sugary drinks, is the biggest reason for diabetes. Also, Fat in the chips and french fries are causing hyperlipidemia, which is the fat in our body coagulates inside the blood vessels and block them. when the fat blocks heart or brain blood vessels, It could have a stroke or heart attack. This is why the fatty foods are fatal to human health. Let’s see about the alcohols and cigarettes. both are placed high taxes by government. For example, a bottle of beer places 120% of taxes on it. More extremely, tobacco’s prime cost is only 50 cents. rest of them are all taxes. Both are quite harmful to the health. Way too much alcohol harms the liver and causes liver cancer. Also, cigarettes harm the lung tissue and main cause of lung cancer and fibroid lung. The risk of the disease-causing by fat is not as different as alcohol or tobacco. In modern days, the fatty foods are consumed a lot. we should decrease consuming these junk foods because Fat and sugar cause numerous diseases. Fat make people diabetic, and cause death by stroke or heart attack. Also, the government placed a tax on alcohol and cigarettes, but not the junk foods. That’s why the government should place a tax on junk foods and fatty snacks.