My by The High Stakes of Etiquette for Young

My candidate, Miss Emma Woodhouse, is the
only nominee in all of England that maintains perfect etiquette at every public
hour. Constant is her social awareness, cheerful conversation, and good will that
is matched by no one but the queen. Her dedication to her reputation is
unmatched and is necessary as “once a young woman’s reputation was tarnished,
nothing could bring it back” as outlined by The
High Stakes of Etiquette for Young Ladies in the Regency. Emma Woodhouse is
the prime display of the etiquette that is integral to be Miss Regency England
due to her constant dedication to her dignified manner.

One of the qualities that is honored in
the search for the Miss Regency England is etiquette and amiability in all
situations. Even when faced with such ill-mannered people as Miss Bates, my
candidate’s politeness prevails. Despite the difference in social class and
poise between Emma and the Bates’, she continues to call on them in order to be
courteous. She goes as far to recognize their needs and says, “Mrs. and Miss
Bates loved to be called on, and she knew she was considered by the very few
who presumes ever to see
imperfection in her, as rather negligent in that respect, and as not
contributing what she ought to the stock of their scanty comforts” (123). Emma
sees her possible disparities and addresses them to both maintain her image and
be engaging to the Bates’. This dedication, even through unpleasant scenarios,
is never compromised. As a woman, she preserves her un-tarnished image and
fulfills her role. One time, when Emma “dreaded being quarrelsome; her heroism
reached only to silence” (91). Only a true Miss Regency would compromise her
own priorities and comforts to ensure the comfortability of others. She
embodies etiquette rules to their full extent and “Behaves with courteous
dignity always to acquaintance and stranger alike.” Her capacity to preserve her
dignity and sociability with all people guarantees her the nomination.

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Emma keeps all her social interactions amicable and without incident for the
pleasure of her constituents and to perpetuate her social demeanor. Emma has the ability to predict the turn
of conversation before it occurs, and exercises her will to keep all
conversation cordial. Once in a conversation with the Bates’, she used these
skills to save the feelings of Harriet. She realizes that “The mention of the
Coles was sure to be followed by that of Mr. Elton. There was intimacy between
them” (124). Because of the history between Harriet and Mr. Elton and the possibility
of rambling outbursts from Miss Bates, Emma seamlessly guides the conversation
away from danger. She is constantly observing the path of conversation, and conserves
it from taking unpleasant turns. One time when she was “feeling this to be an
unsafe subject,” she said “I
must beg of you not to talk of the sea. It makes me envious and miserable; – I
who have never seen it!” (81). As she knows here that Mr. Woodhouse and Isabella
will get into a squabble, she preserves the conversation using her skills. Here again, she is
considering the characters in conversation and re-directs the subject to something
that suits the participants better. Her response when faced with these disagreeable
topics is verbatim behavior suggested in The
High Stakes of Etiquette for Young Ladies in the Regency. Emma’s aptitude
for polite sociability is rooted in her conversation and is a vital point in
her social image as “ladies
were encouraged to develop the art of pleasing and polite exchange”. She is
the poster child of polite public conversation and protects all from unpleasant
conversation which maintains her well-manicured façade.

Not only does Emma portray the etiquette
necessary to be Miss Regency England already, but passes it on to others. Because
Emma is already well versed in the importance of a flawless public persona, she
passes on her skills to other young ladies to improve the community and to boost
her image. Her care and attention to these issues lead her to adopt Harriet and
pass on valuable etiquette lessons, showing her dedication to these issues. In
describing her intention of teaching Harriet, Emma said “She would notice her; she would improve her; she would
detach her from her bad acquaintance, and introduce her into good society; she
would form her opinions and her manners. It would be an interesting, and
certainly a very kind undertaking; highly becoming her own situation in life,
her leisure, and powers.” (18) Emma ensures that no other lady should be in
violation of the High Regency Etiquette Rules, and it is this dedication that
ensures her the post of Miss Regency England.

Emma’s pure reputation is built on her capability
to “respond to any social situation with calm assurance and no awkwardness,” which
is indispensable in 1800’s England. Her personal embodiment and effective
teachings of High Regency Etiquette, especially her aptitude for conversation
and concern for her personal dignity confirm her for the prestigious title of
Miss Regency England.