My Best Friend Essay

Firsrt Of all, Our families value visiting historical centers and ancient churches in Armenia. For example, last summer we went to the ancient church which is located on the summit of the mountain. We claimed the mountain, took many photos and listened to the guide who had been telling the history of the church. Then, we shared our photos and created the photo album about our memorable vacation. What’s more, we like to spend almost each holiday togather. For instance, every New Year we go shopping and buy unexpected and funny presents for our parents.

We admire to intrigued them and they re always surprised our creativity. In addition, like me Lusi is able to bake perfectly. To illustrate, on my 30’s birthday she baked such an indescribable cake that all my guests and were shocked. Overall, sharing so many common family activities gives us the opportunity to communicate more and enjoy life. Even more important than shared family common activities is that Lusi has an amazing character. To begin with, she is very supportive. She helps me through my toughest times, and is there for my best times.

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To demonstrate, when I had my third baby and was alone and depressed, she frequently ame to me, helped with housework, picked up my other children and what is more important, she always listened to all my problems and gave me valuable advices. Thanks to her I can survive those hard times. Equally important, she is highly dependable. I am able to trust her all my innermost secrets and I deeply convinced that she will never betray me. Besides that, we are thinking alike. She knows me inside out. For example, if I try to tell her the lie, she immediately could tell I was lying. Sometimes we think the same way or have the same ideas.

She knows all my expressions and how sound when I am appy, frustrated or depressed. Finally, she is the most patient person I know because only she can endure all downs and ups in my mood. To summarize, she is the indispensable person for me because of excellent qualities in her amazing character. In conclusion, Lusi is my best friend forever. I am greatly proud of having such a dependable and real friend. We both cherish our true friendship. We all need friends who we can trust and share our experiences because a man without friends is a lonely man. Friends come and go throughout our lives and each friendship is a unique relationship.