My and pharmacodynamics houses of the medication through chemical

My present role in Ministry of Health
has demonstrated an important chance to pick up understanding of working
adequately crosswise over multi-disciplinary groups. Now and again this has
turned out to be a high expectation to gain more however, through good relation
with colleagues and patients; I have learnt a lot about the treatment of
elderly care, stroke restoration, cardiology and respiratory conditions.
Through several training, researches and previous work experience in this
field, I have boosted my knowledge to prove myself a professional health care

Before choosing to concentrate on hospital
pharmacy, however, I gained a vast experience through working in different
field of pharmacies and drugs prescriptions and this helped me a lot to show my
drug prescribing experience to the patients on professional basis. I have
encourage myself to be a problem solving to provide useful patient care
solution. All these skills are due to taking part in drug training sessions, personal
research in medicine usage review, previous experiences and this helped me a
lot to provide effective solutions to the patients to recover health in short
period of time.

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Medicine prescribing system helped
me to gain knowledge of principles of drug delivery to cure the patient. It
gave me the understanding of the physcochemical residences- factors concerned in
the stabilization of prescription drugsconsisting of the
kinetics of decomposition and the solubility in polar and non-polar solvents.
I gained an appreciation of manufacturing methods and the
steadiness of formulations in the ordinary improvement of
latest merchandise. How drugs exert their pharmacologic results,
how they get to the site of action and the site they need to
have for them to exert their effects. The drug layout strategies that
are added to improve the physiochemical, pharmacokinetic and
pharmacodynamics houses of the medication through chemical changes.

Different concepts of
pharmacology, structures pharmacology gave me prescriptive expertise into the
drugs. They also gave me an expertise of drug movements via chemical
mediators on precise organ systems and at molecular stage.
They gave me an expertise of drug toxicity and the facet-outcomes the
medicine might also have on different organs.

After a long journey of work
experience, I would like to develop my academic skills further by graduating
from your university and I hope my above statement will pleased you to accept
my as your student to become a successful Pharmacist in Future and University