Music As A Religion Essay

Whether it’s a breakup or life is perfect music can always describe one’s feeling s accurately and, even when there are no lyrics, the instrumental fits perfectly. When there are deaths, many look to God(s) for help while others create music to CE elaborate that person’s life or to mourn for the loss of their loved one(s. ) Listening to or making music is also a way to deal with stress. When I’m feeling overwhelmed with life ex.’s battles there is nothing that makes me feel better than listening to my favorite songs or attending a concert/ festival.

Sometimes I find myself up until four in the morning existing to music because I feel like I can’t get myself out of certain situations. Religion is the reason many people escape everyday life. They wake up every morning thanking their deities knowing that one day life will get better. Just ilk e religion, music is a way out of reality. Many people who live in poverty or in societies w here there is no escape develop a passion for music and become successful artists. One example is Kurt Cabin who experienced divorce, domestic abuse and homelessness but was able to escape from this reality through music.

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There are many talented artist s such as Jay Z, Absorb and Outpace. Outpace once said ” When was alone, and had nothing. I asked for a friend to help me bear the pain. No one came, except God. When I needed a breath to rise from my sleep. No one could help me except God. When all I s awe was sadness, and I needed answers, no one heard me, except God. So when I’m as ked who I give my unconditional love to? I look for no other name, except God. ” Simply listening to music can serve as a way to cope With life. It’s amazing how music unites people.

Religion is also one of reasons why ma y people take days off of work/ school, travel or get together with others. These three reasons are the same exact things I do whenever I plan on attending a music f estimate. Whether it’s your best friend, a stranger or even someone from another count try through music you form beautiful and strange bonds. See this every time I go to fests Val’s such as ETC or Hard Summer. People from different cities and countries greeting o another as if they’ve been life long friends. Music can lead to genuine friends pips and a way to relate to a stranger.

It brings people together and gives them a chance to have a break from everyday life something that religion does as well. Religion brings a social group together and bound by the above. In this case music would be the so c allied “Above”. Believe, like religion, music saves lives and is what helps people wake up everyday just like religions do and without music life would be dull and miser able and people would look to negative things as an escape from reality. Music has the power to cheer people up, help them escape tough situations and connect to the world